'Clinically Meaningful' Improvement in SCLC Patients With Pembrolizumab/Chemo Combo

The updated analysis demonstrated that after 3.5 years of follow-up, the combination "continues to show what I would consider to be clinically meaningful improvement -- certainly in progression-free ... read more

FDA Approves New Pembrolizumab CDx to Identify pMMR in Endometrial Cancer

The FDA has approved a label expansion for the VENTANA MMR RxDx panel to identify patients with dMMR solid tumors and pMMR endometrial cancer who are eligible for treatment with pembrolizumab. read more

Pembrolizumab Plus Etoposide Continues to Show Survival Benefit in Untreated ES-SCLC

Pembrolizumab and etoposide continues to demonstrate improvements in survival outcomes compared with placebo and etoposide in patients with previously untreated extensive stage-small cell lung cancer. read more

ALX starts Phase II trial of colorectal cancer combo therapy

ALX Oncology has begun Phase II trial of evorpacept plus Erbitux and Keytruda in microsatellite stable metastatic colorectal cancer patients. read more

KEYNOTE-716: First Data on DMFS Show Additional Pembrolizumab Benefit in Patients With Melanoma

New date from the KEYNOTE-716 trial show distant metastasis-free survival benefit from pembrolizumab use in melanoma. The double-blind KEYNOTE-716 study (NCT03553836) is investigating the use of ... read more

A trial of chemoradiotherapy with or without pembrolizumab for cervical cancer (KEYNOTE-A18)

This trial is looking at pembrolizumab for cervical cancer that has spread into the surrounding tissue (locally advanced) and has a high risk of coming back. We know from research that adding ... read more

Evolution of Frontline VEGF TKI/Immunotherapy Treatments Propels Field of Renal Cell Carcinoma

In a presentation at the 6th Annual School of Nursing Oncology™, Laura Wood, RN, MSN, OCN, highlights key nurse takeaways with VEGF TKI/immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy for patients with renal cell ... read more

Pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy improved survival in a subgroup of triple-negative metastatic breast cancer

1. Pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer significantly increased PFS and OS among patients whose tumours expressed PD-L1 with a CPS of 10 or more. 2. Occurrence of adverse ... read more

Global Pembrolizumab Market Evolution Segmentation and Insight of Trends 2022 to 2028

Microeconomic factors and their impact on the Pembrolizumab market also finds mentioned in the report. The demand for a product, the supply of raw material used in manufacturing, the supply of money, ... read more

IO Biotech Announces Second Quarter Results for 2022

NEW YORK (Nasdaq: IOBT), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel, immune-modulating cancer therapies based on its T-win® technology platform, announced today financial results for ... read more

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