National hell service: Nearly 1,000 patients a DAY wait 12-plus hours in A&E, ambulances take an HOUR to respond to heart attacks and 10,000 'urgent' cancer referrals are not ...

NHS England data shows that more than 29,000 people queued for half a day, often in pain, at A&E units last month - four times more than the NHS target and a third higher than the previous record. read more

London stroke patients face waits of over an hour for ambulance, new NHS data shows

Emergency’ calls should be responded to within 18 minutes on average, but are taking more than an hour, data shows ... read more

More than HALF of pharmacists think patients have been put at risk due to medicine shortages, survey reveals

A poll of 1,562 UK pharmacists for the Pharmaceutical Journal found that more than half (54 per cent) believed patients had been put at risk in the last six months due to shortages. read more

Over 6,800 Michigan auto crash patients discharged since fee cut, survey says

A survey released Thursday argues the toll of a key change to Michigan's no-fault auto insurance reform has been the elimination of at least 4,082 health care worker jobs and the discharge of about 6, ... read more

NHS in crisis: Heart attack and stroke patients waiting half an hour longer for ambulances than pre-pandemic

Sky News analysis of new NHS England figures shows the dire state of the ambulance service. People in life-threatening conditions in England had a record wait for an ambulance to arrive last month. read more

Patients with motor neuron disease might benefit from repurposed medication

According to a recent study, a medication commonly used to treat enlarged prostates and high blood pressure has demonstrated promise as a potential new treatment for motor neuron disease (MND), also ... read more

Repurposed Drug Could Help Patients With ALS

Terazosin, a drug commonly prescribed for the treatment of enlarged prostate and high blood pressure, shows promise as a treatment for ALS. read more

Ambulance delays reach new record as heart attack and stroke patients kept waiting for an hour

These are patients with serious conditions but which are not deemed immediately life-threatening. Ambulances are supposed to reach half of these patients within 18 minutes, according to complex NHS ... read more

NHS data reveals patients in England waited almost an hour on average for an ambulance last month

Newly released NHS data also revealed a month of long waits for treatments and lengthy delays in the country's A&E departments. read more

Apology to patients of alleged imposter doctor, 11 days after concerns were raised

Health authorities will review vetting process after allegations surface that a man posing as a doctor examined scores of patients ... read more

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