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Passing Star Nudged Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

Another star buzzed the solar system 70,000 years ago and may have sent comets hurtling our way. It is possible our ancestors saw the star in the sky way back then. A new study also ID'ed eight object... read more

Alien star passed through solar system 70,000 years ago

70,000 years may sound like a long time, but for the solar system, it's like it was yesterday. Scientists are just now learning about Scholz's star, a red dwarf that passed through our solar system ab... read more

Solar System Had Second Star 70,000 Years Ago

The Solar System has always been as tranquil as scientists once thought, traveling through the emptiness of space as a lone, remote island of rocky bodies. Now, they have discovered that around 70,000 ... read more

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A Visiting Star Jostled Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

New research suggests Scholz’s Star, as it’s known, left traces of this interstellar encounter by perturbing some comets in the outer Oort Cloud. Though Scholz’s Star visited the outer reaches of our ... read more

A Dim Star Passed Very Close To Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

A group of astronomers from the US, Europe, Chile and South Africa have determined that 70,000 years ago a ... flyby of a star to the solar system was the so-called "rogue star" HIP 85605, which was p... read more

Comets are still reeling from a star that sideswiped the Solar System 70,000 years ago

Currently, Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our Sun, at a distance of four light-years. But about 70,000 years ago, an interstellar interloper brushed past less than a light-year from us, making ... read more

Scholz’s Star: Binary System Passed through Outer Oort Cloud 70,000 Years Ago

An international team of scientists led by Dr Eric Mamajek of the University of Rochester has determined that 70,000 years ago the recently discovered ... about 20 light years away. The system has bee... read more

Alien star 'nudged' our solar system 70,000 years ago (and its effects are still visible now)

Around 70,000 years ago, a small, reddish star came near our solar system and disturbed comets and asteroids – just when modern humans were beginning to leave Africa. The star – Scholz’s star – named ... read more

Wandering star shook up the prehistoric solar system

Around 70,000 years ago ... reddish star also was likely passing within a light-year of the Sun, just skimming the outer rim of the Oort cloud (the extended shell of over a trillion icy objects that i... read more

Ask Ethan: What Happens When Stars Pass Through Our Solar System?

A logarithmic view of our Solar System, extending out all the way to the next-nearest stars, shows the extend of the asteroid belt Kuiper belt, and Oort cloud. While stars passing through ... Scholz’s ... read more

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