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Panda Poop Could Be Key To Producing Biofuels

DENVER (CBS4) – The waste of one of the world’s most endangered animals may hold the key to producing biofuels. The potency of the discovery had scientists talking about it at a major chemistry confer... read more

Panda Poop Could be the Key to Cheap and Efficient Biofuel Production

Giant Pandas are well-loved for their distinctive appearance and sedentary nature. Now they will receive even greater adoration and attention for their bowel-based contribution to the development of a ... read more

Weird Science Weekly: Panda feces could be the key to efficient biofuel production

Panda feces could be the key to efficient biofuel production What would weird science be without a story about poop? In this case, it's what comes out of the rear end of a panda, or more accurately, w... read more

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Microbes in Panda Poop Can Help Make Biofuels Cheaper, Easier to Produce

Still, odds are greenheads will love them even more once they learn that microbes in their poop ... the panda, so their microbes have to be very efficient to get nutritional value out of the bamboo. A... read more

Could Panda Poop Fuel The Future? Bamboo-Busting Bacteria Could Speed Biofuel Production

Innovative energy sources of the future: wind, solar, nuclear and … panda poop? For at least one scientist ... tracts of Memphis Zoo pandas Ya Ya and Le Le that could transform biofuel production. Usi... read more

Panda poop microbes could make biofuels of the future—an update

Scientists presented an update today on efforts to mine Ya Ya and Le Le's assets for substances that could do so ... "And efficiency is key when it comes to biofuel production—that's why we focused on ... read more

Panda Poop Might Help Turn Plants Into Fuel

easier industrial biofuel production processes, the study's authors said. Yeasts, for example, could be genetically engineered to produce the beneficial enzymes and then grown on a large scale. Fuel F... read more

Panda poop: The missing link for cheap, renewable energy?

Pandas may hold the key to efficiently ... into ethanol or other biofuels. The process is expensive, and not particularly energy-efficient — which kind of defeats the point. The microbes in panda poop ... read more

Save the Pandas! We Need Their Poop.

Or as the headline of the press release put it, “Panda Poop Microbes Could Make Biofuels of the Future ... Both of these properties are important for the production of biofuel, and right now we accomp... read more

Panda Poop Microbes Could Lead to Biofuel Production that Doesn’t Use Corn

has found that “panda poop” – or microbes in panda excrement – breaks down woody materials, which could make it a possible alternative to traditional biofuel production. According to Brown, these micr... read more

There's Power In Panda Poop

Apparently, there is an enzyme-producing bacteria in panda poo that breaks down plant materials that could be useful in the production of biofuel. Seeing as how biofuel is a source of "clean" energy, ... read more

Panda poop may be a treasure trove of microbes for making biofuels

Panda poop contains bacteria with ... and high pressures currently used in biofuel production processes, she said. Those processes also tend to be time- and energy-intensive, as well as expensive. Pan... read more

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