Optimizing Swap Networks For Quantum Computing


quantum networks and communications, which may lead to revolutionary ways to share information. FUTURE OF QUANTUM COMPUTING: Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computation by ... read more

Optimizing Quantum Sensors

A new technical paper titled “Dissipative Superradiant Spin Amplifier for Enhanced Quantum Sensing” was published by researchers at the University of Chicago and Simon Fraser University, British ... read more

Progress In Quantum Computing

A recent wave of quantum computing investment has given rise to claims of a quantum computing bubble, based on overly optimistic technological claims in a field area that experts say has yet to ... read more

Quantum computing: Industrial opportunities

“Our results show that quantum machine learning has a bright future when applied to real-life problems, and specifically to computer vision tasks,” wrote the paper’s authors. When network ... read more

Why quantum computing isn’t a threat to crypto… yet

The SHA-256 cryptographic protocol used for Bitcoin network security is currently unbreakable by today’s computers. However, experts anticipate that within a decade, quantum computing will be ... read more

AWS, Harvard collaborate to advance quantum networking

Amazon Web Services is teaming with Harvard University to further quantum-networking research and ... application is privacy-preserving quantum computing, aka blind computing, where a user can ... read more

Quantum Computing Now And In The Future: Explanation, Applications, And Problems

Quantum computing ... classical binary computing. This has implications for fields as diverse as tracing and routing financial transactions across global financial networks, developing new ... read more

IBM Research’s Path To Serverless Quantum Computing

Summary: IBM is on the road to fault-tolerant Quantum computing, but before we get ... Programming challenges for quantum circuits include optimizing quantum circuit depth, finding alternative ... read more

quantum computing

Creating semiconductors with desirable properties means taking advantage of point defects – sites within a material where an atom may be missing, or where there are impurities. By manipulating ... read more

Free quantum computing class for tech leaders

This course isn't for programmers or administrators. It's for the leaders and planners who need to understand how quantum computing will change the world. So it's appropriate for CIOs, CTOs ... read more

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