Dear John Lewis... Stop telling us to go online when we visit your stores!

Here, Mail readers deliver their own blistering verdicts on how things have gone so badly wrong and the changes that must be made in order to tempt you back to John Lewis. read more

Trump shares deepfake photo of himself praying as controversial AI images of indictment spread online

Donald Trump has shared an AI-generated image of himself praying after several deepfakes of the former president being arrested and making a run from authorities had gone viral on social media. Mr ... read more

Man made £500,000 last year buying Poundland items and reselling online at higher price

Zain Shah says people live in areas where you can't just nip to Poundland to grab a great deal - so he sells items at a profit and has made a fortune thanks to his big idea ... read more

I love modeling underwear online — now my law school has kicked me out

Apparently it was against some social media policy I’d signed when applying for the course, even though it’s a completely different name,” Sarah Button said. read more

The 'Zombie-killer' knife that can be bought by a child online: Ministers call for ban on the huge blades and machetes after gangs exploit legal loophole to get their hands on ...

Chilling photos show the huge Zombie knives that can easily be bought online by children with no checks as ministers consider a change to weapon legislation to stop gangs exploiting gaps. read more

Best Online Master’s in Data Science Programs – No GRE Required

Data science skill sets are in tremendous demand, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which predicts a 36%increase in data science jobs from 2021 to 2031. Rather than putting your job on ... read more

Names, photos of Los Angeles undercover police posted online

The Los Angeles police chief and the department’s constitutional policing director are under investigation after the names and photographs of undercover officers were released to a technology watchdog ... read more

Blossom the goose lost her life partner. An online personal ad brought her a new one.

Blossom, a domestic goose in Marshalltown, Iowa, lost her life partner. A cemetery caretaker's personal ad on Facebook helped Blossom meet a new mate. read more

La Liga: Online complaints channel set up to help identify incidents of racism

La Liga sets up an online complaints channel for fans to share information and assist in identifying incidents of racism during matches. read more

Mark Davis: Texas doesn’t need casinos. And could online sports betting be just as bad? | Opinion

That referendum may be joined by another question, seeking approval for the legalization of online sports betting via apps like Draft Kings and FanDuel, legal in roughly half the states. I’ve traded ... read more

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