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Now You Can Buy Fake Mars Dirt For $20kilogram Obviously Youll Want To Know If Potatoes Can Grow In It - Latest News

Now You Can Buy Fake Mars Dirt for $20/Kilogram. Obviously You’ll Want to Know if Potatoes Can Grow in it

When it comes time to begin conducting regular crewed missions to Mars, and perhaps even establishing a permanent outpost there, astronauts and potential Martian settlers will have to know how to work ... read more

Dan Cordell: I went to your Web page. It was very interesting. Thank you for your service! Welcome home!

So now you know more about ... also be able to buy electronic single copies of the paper. If you go to you can see samples of papers they provide and take a demo tour. This should be a b... read more

Top Comments: Mars One Edition

Make sure that you include the direct link to the comment (the URL), which is available by clicking on that comment's date/time. Please let us know your Daily Kos user name if you use email so we can ... read more

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Scientists Describe Five Phases of Quarter-Life Crisis, Recommend the Experience

Are you 25? It may be your quarter-life crisis ... can change your life. Phase 3 – Quitting the job or relationship or whatever else is making you feel trapped and embarking on a “time out” period whe... read more

Farming on Mars? The Martian raises questions about soil

In the recent sci-fi hit, The Martian, the main character, astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon), manages to grow potatoes on the planet with ... which were not included in the movie. "You can ... read more

The new Christian abolition movement

“It’s that we know what to look for and we’re actually identifying and rescuing them.” North Carolina’s rich soil makes it an agricultural hub. It produces more sweet potatoes than ... it’s glamorous ... read more

It's called SCHOOL. It's run by the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. Prepare your children, that means conduct and appearance.

These places are like HOME to me and now I can't go there anymore ... but nice, Miss Hesketh, I want to say. Spit, you blow my mind. I know you e-mailed me and we found out we were close in age but a ... read more

Trump rejects EU offer on auto tariffs

President Trump has snubbed an offer from the EU to eliminate tariffs on cars if the U.S. did the same, saying it's "not good enough" as European "consumer habits are to buy their cars, not to buy our ... read more

So, How Long Would It Take to Travel to That Exciting New Exoplanet?

And that makes people want to go check ... And he declared at the end of the segment: “It’s just nice to know that if we screw this place up badly enough there is some place we can all go.” That reall... read more

Dancing in the dark: Sarus Festival premiere rained out, rescheduled for tonight

Andrea Trombetta is a performance artist and fabric sculptor performing in this weekend’s Sarus Festival for Site-Specific and Experimental Art, a festival of dance, music, and visual art prepared for ... read more

Climate change: backflipping on a policy bugger

Climate change is no longer the great moral challenge of our time or a great economic catastrophe; it's just a bit of a policy bugger ... now – the Government policy he opposes is even less of a probl... read more

Let's pick Clear Channel's bones.

Now, on air, I think, it's even tougher, particularly in areas where advertisers do not want to expose themselves as more left ... He's only funny if you can stay awake to hear it. He keeps his voice ... read more

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