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Now You Can Buy Fake Mars Dirt For $20kilogram Obviously Youll Want To Know If Potatoes Can Grow In It - Latest News

Dan Cordell: I went to your Web page. It was very interesting. Thank you for your service! Welcome home!

So now you know more about ... also be able to buy electronic single copies of the paper. If you go to you can see samples of papers they provide and take a demo tour. This should be a ... read more

A.M. Links: California Plastic Bag Ban Proposal Going Nowhere, Venezuelan Police Raid Warehouse For Toilet Paper, Hagel Visiting Asia

Spice up your blog or Website with Reason 24/7news and Reason articles! You can easily add a widget here. Have a news tip for us? Send it to: ... read more

Atom smashers and college crashers

The curse of the can-do professions (scientists, engineers, astronauts, Marines, etc.) is a reluctance to tell people precisely how hard it is to achieve what they do. Part of the code of the corps is ... read more

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Climate change: backflipping on a policy bugger

Climate change is no longer the great moral challenge of our time or a great economic catastrophe; it's just a bit of a policy bugger ... now – the Government policy he opposes is even less of a ... read more

Give me flavour

It was the potatoes, she said. You just couldn’t get potatoes like at ... that Turkish meal with a coffee flavoured with a spice that I can’t place. It wasn’t cardamom, and I’ve now forgotten the ... read more

Real L Word 309 Recap: Perfect Day For This Show To End With A Bang Bang Bang

But first, Cori’s gotta have this conversation: Kacy: “I would do it for you.” Cori: “Would you want to, though? ‘Cause if you don’t wanna do it, I don’t want you to do it, we can adopt, you know ... ... read more

Swine Flu: Pandemic or Panic?

In fact, as our story notes, the lethality of the seasonal flu can ... know only that there is a high-low pressure gradient in the Atlantic. "Everyone in one week wants an answer as to what it will do ... read more

Venezuela Is a Case Study in the Brutality of U.S. Sanctions

For a preview of what Iran is likely to suffer, we can look to another country currently in U.S. crosshairs ... aircraft and vessels.” What do you want to see from our coverage of the 2020 ... read more

Turnbull and Paris: Who will speak for the sceptics now?

It's like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you end up either in a pot of boiling oil or in a magical land where it's always your birthday). So that was in 2009 - six years ago now. ... read more

Ham Radio and Chemistry Sets

Today, if you are lucky enough to find a chemistry set ... their kids with puzzles and experiments that cater to creative thinking. Is there anything that can be done to reverse the trends? Somehow ... read more

It's called SCHOOL. It's run by the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. Prepare your children, that means conduct and appearance.

These places are like HOME to me and now I can't go there anymore ... but nice, Miss Hesketh, I want to say. Spit, you blow my mind. I know you e-mailed me and we found out we were close in age but a ... read more

Those Dreadful CB Operators

Oh yeah, I agree, some CB operators are rude, they don't care about others, have more interest in the number of Watts they can squeeze out of their linear ... the time), there weren't many options. ... read more

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