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No Matter How Californians Feel About Daylight Saving Time Proposition 7 Promises To Do Precisely Nothing - Latest News

No matter how Californians feel about daylight saving time, Proposition 7 promises to do precisely nothing

Two days before Californians go to the polls next month, as clocks and watches will be reset, the central question of Proposition 7 will be clear: Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to change the t... read more

Why We Have Daylight Saving Time and Why We Should Scrap It

Let's first dispense with some of the myths behind Daylight Saving Time (DST). Many people assume we enacted DST to help farmers. That's nonsense. Most of my relatives who aren't in prison are farmers ... read more

Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder

I try to live by the rules, no matter ... wants to do because there’ll be major reductions in benefits in the next decade if we do nothing. I have a concrete plan to do just that, which allows people ... read more

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So, How Long Would It Take to Travel to That Exciting New Exoplanet?

Announcing the find on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams said: “They say it’s about 20 light years away, but that’s practically nothing in astronomy terms ... have access to current technology. To do t... read more

Does Constitutional Theory Matter?

Republicans will promise to appoint judges like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, judges who, it will be claimed, do not make law ... reasoning to its logical conclusion when he argued that no matter ... read more

How GOP Fiscal Sanity Died, in 7 Easy Steps

Yet eight years and $10 trillion of debt later, precisely none of ... anything just puts a longer time frame on the usual business of 21 st congressional work—governing through last-minute, must-pass ... read more

How to Honor Memorial Day

They were wasted on no-win battlefields by politicians and ... al-Abadi that the U.S. has his back, and at the same time give him a reality check: If al-Abadi and his Shiite allies don’t do more to em... read more

We must speak up for Australia's 2.7 million unpaid carers

At one of the consultations I attended, we talked about the structural issues with the labour market in Australia today; no matter how much people might be "willing to work", they need a job they can ... read more

Why reiki masters can’t lose

In it, we argued that certain alternative medicine modalities are so incredibly implausible from a purely basic science viewpoint, on physics and chemistry considerations alone, that it is a waste of ... read more

Read the Full Transcript of the Eighth Republican Debate in New Hampshire

Now, at the time, I was at the caucuses, I was getting ready to speak at the caucuses just like Ben was, just like everyone else was. I knew nothing ... matter when the challenges don’t come on a list ... read more

THIS is why we invest in science. This.

The result is nothing short of astonishing ... This frees up needed firefighters to do other important tasks on the job, and therefore makes fighting fires faster and safer. There is no way you could’ ... read more

The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate

He wrote at the time: “What is missing from the [the Jan. 6] public report ... of the Resistance’s strategy to seize on whatever weapons were available – no matter how reckless or unfair – to “get Tru... read more

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