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No Matter How Californians Feel About Daylight Saving Time Proposition 7 Promises To Do Precisely Nothing - Latest News

What I’m thinking of voting for

Like that dog from the meme — “NO TAX! ONLY SPEND!” No on 6, so much no on 6. Prop 7. People say this proposition is “Switching to permanent daylight savings time ... standard can be sold in Californi... read more

Why We Have Daylight Saving Time and Why We Should Scrap It

Let's first dispense with some of the myths behind Daylight Saving Time (DST). Many people assume we enacted DST to help farmers. That's nonsense. Most of my relatives who aren't in prison are farmers ... read more

Does Constitutional Theory Matter?

Republicans will promise to appoint judges like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, judges who, it will be claimed, do not make law ... reasoning to its logical conclusion when he argued that no matter ... read more

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The Stories of Migrants Risking Everything for a Better Life

What about Luz, who fled Honduras with a fresh cesarean scar because her husband beat her so violently she feared he’d kill her next time? There are no easy policy ... felt nothing at all. “I didn’t h... read more

So, How Long Would It Take to Travel to That Exciting New Exoplanet?

Announcing the find on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams said: “They say it’s about 20 light years away, but that’s practically nothing in astronomy terms ... have access to current technology. To do t... read more

How to Honor Memorial Day

They were wasted on no-win battlefields by politicians and ... al-Abadi that the U.S. has his back, and at the same time give him a reality check: If al-Abadi and his Shiite allies don’t do more to em... read more

What’s Wrong with Intermarriage?

Everyone who chooses a spouse has certain values that are deal-breakers – core values that you are simply not willing to compromise, no matter how much you love ... It requires an investment of time a... read more

kf Searches for Common Ground!

One effective way to do that would be to, er, actually pass a tough enforcement-only bill! Long term: As for losing the Latino vote, there may be method in ... has to get out once to devastate humanit... read more

How GOP Fiscal Sanity Died, in 7 Easy Steps

Yet eight years and $10 trillion of debt later, precisely none of ... anything just puts a longer time frame on the usual business of 21 st congressional work—governing through last-minute, must-pass ... read more

Housing Is the Most Important Issue for California Voters, So Learn Up

So if you’ve started to hear about this fall’s California ballot propositions and thought to yourself, “I have no idea what those are about,” you’re not alone. However, they really matter, and it’s ti... read more

Saving American Journalism

A radical plan to save journalism in America. It appears that your computer does not have the Flash Player required to view NOW videos. Visit Adobe to download and install the latest version of the Fl... read more

Has life been found in a meteorite?

[UPDATE (March 7, 2011): I’ve posted a followup on this news with a much ... Clearly, Hoover thinks terrestrial contamination is unlikely. However, contamination, no matter how unlikely, is a more mun... read more

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