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Nintendo Switch Is About To Get Its First Vrstyle Headset But Theres A Catch - Latest News

Nintendo Switch Is About To Get Its First VR-Style Headset, But There's A Catch

The very idea of Nintendo Switch having ... has jumped on the chance to create its own VR-style headset for the console. Called the 'NS Glasses', the kit has been described as the "world's first heads... read more

Feature: What Does Sony's E3 Announcement Record Look Like?

Much has been made of Sony’s change in approach to its E3 ... reality headset. The clear winner over the past five years has to be E3 2014, with 18 different experiences announced for the PS4, but the... read more

Wii U Has 8 GB of Internal Storage

The Wii U will feature 8 gigabytes of flash storage, Time reports. Although the included internal memory is somewhat limited, Nintendo does give gamers the option of expanding the memory via SD cards ... read more

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Random: Nintendo Switch Is Getting Its Own VR-Style Headset, Kinda

While VR continues to bubble under elsewhere in the industry, Nintendo has remained indifferent to the technology; when your first 'Virtual ... on your Switch can rest easy (sort of), because Japanese ... read more

Adding mute to a Bluetooth headset

He’s got a bluetooth headset that cancels noise but it didn’t have a mute feature. He cracked open the speaker and microphone portion of the apparatus but there wasn’t enough room for a switch. The ba... read more

PlayStation Move Sell-Through Update - News

First thing to remember here is that to Sony (and indeed any manufacturer) a sale is counted as a sale by them to retailers - in other words "ship-in" by most analyst definitions. So by October 23rd, ... read more

Rumour: 'Beastly' PS5 Dev Kits in the Wild, But Not Due Until 2020

However, one Reddit rumourmonger, who was the first to break the E3 2019 story, reckons that PS5 development kits are already in the hands of studios, and it’s a “beast” apparently. This is supported ... read more

Why The X-Box Network Will Fail

angkor wrote to us an article from The Register that looks at what Microsoft is planning for the X-Box Network. The factual information is educating on it's own - and the analysis of why they think it ... read more

Two years of Wii: The story continues - News

Yes, it's really only two years ago that Nintendo released its fifth home console ... My Life as a King available in the first half a year, the potential of WiiWare is obvious. Where usually the major ... read more

HOW-TO: Portable car pc

Plus, driver issues killed the idea in the end since I just couldn’t get everything I needed to work on all the ... through a dash-mounted switch, to the inverter that is under the drivers seat. That ... read more

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