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New Study Reveals Essential Mechanism To Generate Healthy Muscle - Latest News

New study reveals essential mechanism to generate healthy muscle

Confocal microscopy image showing the interaction of a myofibroblast (right side) with a muscle fiber (left side). Credit: João Martins, iMM A group of researchers led by Edgar Gomes, Group Leader at ... read more

Essential mechanism to generate healthy muscle

A group of researchers identifies in muscle cells a new mechanism that activates locally the ... Instituto de Medicina Molecular. "Essential mechanism to generate healthy muscle." ScienceDaily. Scienc... read more

Post-heart attack: How can scar tissue be turned back into healthy heart muscle?

One laboratory method to create healthy heart muscle leads to better organized sarcomeres ... iPSC-CMs might be ideal for the study of mechanism and for performing drug screens."Surprisingly, one such ... read more

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New breakthrough reveals key target in diabetes and obesity

She said that the study also revealed that PIKfyve is essential for normal insulin signaling to GLUT4/glucose transport in muscle and provided the first in vivo evidence for the central role of PIKfyv... read more

How Electroconvulsive Therapy Works for Depression

Healthy thinking and planning ... t know how ECT worked. But the new findings may help reassure doctors and patients who use it. “We believe we’ve solved a 70-year-old therapeutic riddle because our s... read more

Zinc is able to modulate Escherichia coli bacteria's virulence, study finds

The new study reveals for the first time ... is one of the main threats to global health, and a problem for patients suffering from recurrent urine infections. Knowing in greater detail about regulati... read more

5 things you need to know about antioxidants

"Antioxidants have a health aura around them," says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., a professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New ... study found that runners who took 1,000 milligram... read more

What Darwin Never Knew

Right now on NOVA, you'll find out, What Darwin Never Knew. The tree of life on Earth ... NARRATOR: Stedman was hunting for any new muscle-making genes. And so, as the human genome was sequenced, he b... read more

New Study Shows Caffeine, Alcohol Can Affect Human Genome

In a new yeast study ... Only fetal and cancer cells have mechanisms to avoid this fate – they go on reproducing forever. Prof Martin Kupiec of Tel Aviv University with colleagues set out to expand on ... read more

How does dietary restriction extend lifespan in flies?

The study, published in NPJ Aging and Mechanisms of Disease today in collaboration with the Berlin Institute of Health ... the essential process by which information from genes in DNA is used to make ... read more

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