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New Minecraft Modding Software Revolutionizes The Way We Teach Kids Coding - Latest News

New Minecraft modding software revolutionizes the way we teach kids coding

A new e-learning software, developed by San Diego education start-up ThoughtSTEM, teaches K-12 students how to code by allowing them to write mods ("modifications") to the popular video game, ... read more

Minecraft add-on LearnToMod aims to teach children coding skills

Minecraft is teaching ... The software is being tested with 150 students before its release, when it will cost $30 (£18). “Kids are already spending ridiculous amounts of hours on Minecraft, so we ... read more

4 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Great for Teaching Kids Coding

With the recent release of MinecraftEDU school version, this popular game is rapidly becoming the most important educational software ... way to use Minecraft as a coding resource. When kids are ready ... read more

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National Science Foundation Awards $750k to Minecraft Modding Software

The National Science Foundation awards $750k Small Business Innovation Research grant to the LearnToMod technology, a Minecraft Modding software with the potential to teach millions of kids computer . ... read more

JavaOne4Kids Teaches Minecraft Mods With A Professional-Grade Java IDE

Then he dives into Minecraft modding ... kids display admirable focus as they add new code to the catapult module that allows it to throw cows and cause explosions. Even more impressive? How ... read more

Minecraft: The video game that builds kids' brain cells

Along the way, Minecraft’s young players learn things like computer coding ... the kids can interact with, like Plato, Newton and the people of ancient Egypt. We can create characters, like Lincoln, ... read more

How to Teach BIM Using Minecraft

Minecraft has ... globally and there’s some way we could link it with BIM to try to get the kids into it.” Minecraft is already a popular game for students, so with a bit of additional coding, it ... read more

‘Minecraft Malfunction,’ a funny YouTube channel where kids teach adults how to play

The world of Minecraft can be a dark and terrifying place…for adults. Welcome to Minecraft Malfunction, a new YouTube ... I’m teaching after-school coding to elementary school kids called Creative ... read more

Finally, a Way to Teach Coding to the Touchscreen Generation

What kids gain in directness, they lose in an appreciation for how the software on ... that if they want new kinds of creatures, tools, and materials in Minecraft, they can learn Java and mod it ... read more

Minecraft for education: teaching the next generation of engineers

New versions ... developing Minecraft mods that complement teaching, to designing games that stand alone and can replace entire classroom-based courses. He envisages core science classes being taught ... read more

ThoughtSTEM at Fleet Science Center teaches youth programming

"(The program) works on coding skills and the way you can mod into a game,” Kayla said ... ThoughtSTEM uses a free, self-developed software, Vox-L, to teach coding. “It’s basically like a simple ... read more

How Minecraft could help teach chemistry's building blocks of life

All this time, the children think they have just been playing a game. As well as making MolCraft available to download for free, we're also working on ways to further integrate the software ... in the ... read more

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