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New Diagnostic Device That Smells Prostate Cancer In Urine Could Save Lives - Latest News

Chemists devise inexpensive, accurate way to detect prostate cancer

Early screening for prostate cancer could ... save lives and that will bring down healthcare costs drastically." The researchers used a combination of readily available chemicals and unique electronic ... read more

Study: Annual prostate cancer test doesn't save lives

in men doesn't save lives. Scientists followed 76,000 men for 10 to 13 years and found annual screening for prostate cancer led to more diagnoses but didn't result in less deaths from the disease, acc... read more

Prostate Cancer: Fusion Biopsy

For decades, doctors have diagnosed prostate cancer using what's been called a 'blind' biopsy, removing and testing a dozen tiny tissue samples to see if cancer is present. Now, new technology is ... ... read more

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Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer With 98 Percent Accuracy

Researchers at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas in Italy have trained two dogs that can sniff out the scent of prostate cancer in urine samples with a success rate of 98 percent, a new study reports ... ... read more

New test detects cancer in patients’ breath and could save thousands of people

A new cancer ‘breathalyser’ could save thousands of lives by detecting the ... for breath-based tests to aid diagnosis, sitting alongside blood and urine tests in an effort to help doctors ... read more

What to know about prostate cancer after Mitt Romney's announcement

As Mitt Romney is said to be considering a run for the Senate, many people are asking how his newly announced battle with prostate cancer could affect his health ... blood in the semen, decreased urin... read more

Sioux City prostate cancer patient encourages other men to get screened

A patient in his 90s, he said, could be OK with a PSA of 9 or 10. Signs of prostate cancer, Unger said, aren't always obvious. Frequency of urination and difficulty initiating a urine stream ... I've ... read more

Roll Over! Shake! Smell This Mole!

Dogs can reliably detect prostate cancer by sniffing a man’s urine, according to ... doesn’t represent a significant new technology.” The legal obstacles may also be insurmountable. The FDA regulates ... read more

A simple sniff test may soon detect complex illnesses

But one day soon, it may herald a doctor ordering a diagnostic ... device, detection of this type of cancer could come much earlier, with improved odds for survival. Researchers have already determine... read more

In the future, dogs might be able to help detect cancer

A couple days ago, a new ... diagnosis] kept me focused on the fact that I knew that dogs could offer something, if we can diagnose for cancer by screening non-invasively, screening for volatiles. And ... read more

Cancer-detection device poised to save lives

The early detection of cancer through screening techniques such as mammograms saves thousands of lives annually. Yinfa Ma is out to save thousands more through ... the diversity of biomarkers his devi... read more

A Handful Of Nanotechnology Companies Looking Very Attractive For Investors

What were once very hot and exciting technologies began to lose some of that new technology smell over ... technology, could pay big for investors over the long term: BIND Therapeutics The technology ... read more

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