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New Atheist Magical Thinking

One of my atheist/anti-Church friends posted a sign by American Atheists quoting Colossians 3:22 (Slaves, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, b... read more

A Catholic Accuses Atheists of ‘Magical Thinking’… Seriously

Shea responded with the following… and it’s a doozy: I think that atheists like your friend really need to break free of fundamentalist magical thinking and learn to ... will return to the world: … th... read more

Matthew Hutson: Is Caring About Your Legacy Irrational?

Matthew Hutson’s new book The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking discusses ways most people, even atheists, think “magically”--ranging from out-and-out superstition to subtler departures from rationalism. Hut... read more

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Actual Human Atheists

Which is why the ridiculous claim that atheism equates to sub-humanity is so ... feel its connections because it's so obvious, undiluted by magical thinking, are a tiny step closer to the next level. ... read more

The Year of Magical Thinking

Item: the new resilience of the Haredi belief ... After all, everyone engages in magical thinking now and then. But we do so when the chips are down: when, despite our atheism, we pray for a speedy re... read more

Best of 2011: Evangelical atheism, secular Christianity

For Frazer, religion and magical thinking were closely ... Onfray's In Defence of Atheism is superior to anything English-speaking writers have published on the subject. Refreshingly, Onfray recognise... read more

RPGs Need Atheists

Editor's note: Cameron thinks RPGs need atheist and agnostic perspectives ... James The controversy around Final Fantasy 13 has gamers thinking about the future of RPGs. Should subsequent entries in t... read more

Scientists Prove Atheists Don’t Exist

A new study by the Theological ... and still say he or she is an atheist. “It is a groundbreaking finding,” explained Professor Canard. Scientists working on the paper discovered that people innately ... read more

5 Things Atheists Have Wrong About Religion

The problem with this line of thinking is that it leads ... upon any supernatural beliefs, miracles or magical claims. For example, by using the term “all religions” she conflates a church attending a... read more

Evolution and its real 'magic'

“This pool of mud and its magical ... to the atheist. In other words – life originally came from nonlife – accidentally. Why, this is nothing more than the ancient superstition of spontaneous generati... read more

Are atheists smarter? Lisa Miller talks religion

"According to this way of thinking, evident wherever the chattering classes ... Scientism, a world view of which many of the new generation of atheists are culpable, is as narrow as any other ism. — O... read more

The atheist delusion

Atheists, like Christians, can be the best or worst of people. We do not have a monopoly on intelligence, on ethics or decency. Yes, their beliefs - whether New Age ... into thinking that we're at the ... read more

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