New Quantum Hardware Could Allow Computers To Process Information More Naturally

New Quantum Hardware Could Allow Computers to Process Information More Naturally

That is why quantum computers are able to process ... hardware of quantum computers to finally remove their dependency on binary computing. Essentially, their new quantum computer design would ... read more

Quantum computer works with more than zero and one

Building on this success, today's quantum computers are also designed with binary information processing ... using more states does not make the computer less reliable. "Quantum systems naturally ... read more

AI Could Make Quantum Computers a Reality

Now, one qubit alone can't provide the horsepower we really want out of quantum computers, so naturally you want to create a system that uses many, many more ... information in tact as the qubits that ... read more

Quantum computing will require massive software updates. Doing that securely will be its own challenge.

Hardware, operating systems and software will all need updates to enable the new quantum-proof encryption methods. "There's a big patching and replacement exercise that's going to go on here — which ... read more

Quantum computing in warfare: sensing the enemy

Quantum computers are such a game changer because of the way they interact with and process information ... hardware, and quantum computing could soon become a natural extension of that. “Quantum ... read more

Everything You Wanted to Know about Quantum Computing

By the same token, in terms of processing, if you have this entangled structure, you can store a lot more information ... the hardware end of quantum computing. But what about the software side? Are ... read more

First studies with Quantum Machine Learning at LHCb

The Data Processing ... progress of quantum computers and quantum technologies, it is natural to start investigating if and how quantum algorithms can be executed on such new hardware, and ... read more

Chinese quantum computing startup Origin Quantum closes $148m in Series B round

Chinese quantum computing startup Origin Quantum has raised almost 1 billion yuan ($148.2 million) in a Series B round of financing with the support of investors including the country’s state-backed ... read more

Nvidia reveals QODA platform for quantum, classical computing

But it turns out to have specific applicability on the quantum side as well. That’s because, while GPUs aren’t quantum hardware, they may serve as a more ... computing, which could be the ... read more

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