Grandma captures granddaughter’s ‘crazy’ ear trick in viral TikTok footage: ‘Never, ever seen this’

She was super freaked out when she first saw her granddaughter do this. The post Grandma captures granddaughter’s ‘crazy’ ear trick in viral TikTok footage: ‘Never, ever seen this’ appeared first on ... read more

Widow believes nursery cam captured husband’s spirit soothing the baby he never met: ‘The veil is thin’

Nursery camera footage is going viral after a widow claimed it captured the spirit of her husband comforting their baby boy. Mom of two, Whitney Allen (@whitneylynallen), gained over 3.2 million views ... read more

'It's a make-up trick!' Victoria Beckham insists she's 'never' had a nose job

The fashion designer, 48, claimed she's been dogged by rumours of a rhinoplasty over the years but has achieved her 'button nose' with the help of contouring. read more

Wednesday Quiz: You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Characters

Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside - Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is the latest Netflix arrival that fans simply can't stop talking about. Actress Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) gained a staggering 10 ... read more

“Never turn down an opportunity to get involved”

Senior Hailey Palm has been part of the Panhellenic council since 2021 and has held the roles of both President and Vice President while being a full-time student. As part of the Panhellenic Council, ... read more

7 lies IT leaders should never tell

IT leaders should ensure data portability, utilize ultra-resilient immutable backups of data, and implement recovery verification,” he suggests. But never, ever promise total data resiliency. read more

Never left to our own devices

It was also a compliance nightmare. As a result, despite being much-ballyhooed, BYOD never gained mainstream acceptance in Ireland. This sent businesses back to square one, though: internal users were ... read more

Surprising Twitch streamer who might never go live again owns fastest growing channel on the platform

Forget streamer of the year Kai Cenat and his impressive growth on Twitch, Spain’s manager at the FIFA World Cup, Luis Enrique, has the fastest-growing channel on the platform over the last 30 days ... read more

Jenna Ortega Just Gained 10 Million Instagram Followers From “Wednesday” on Netflix

The actress gained 10 million Instagram followers in just 10 days after the hit release of Netflix's remake of The Addams Family, "Wednesday." ... read more

90 Day : Debbie's Doubts About Canada Grow as Colt's Wife Says She 'Gained a Son' Without His Mom Around

Debbie Johnson has been happily living life in Canada with boyfriend Tony — but she still has some reservations about staying. During Monday's 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all special, Debbie ... read more

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