I became a 'fit-fluencer' in my 70s (it’s never too late to transform your body)

At 70, Joan MacDonald weighed more than 14st, with conditions including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, terrible insomnia, and acid reflux. She reveals how she became an influencer ... read more

The Indian middle class has never had it so good

The narrative that the middle class was one step away from slipping into poverty is now a thing of the past. With its dreams and aspirations coming true, opportunities for the middle class are limited ... read more

Rick Ross says he would never ride in a Tesla because he fears the self-driving car could take him to the authorities against his will

"I'm not gonna say I won't have a smart car, but I've never ridden in a Tesla," Ross told his followers on Instagram. read more

Columnist Carrie Classon: Insights gained from walking in the snow

It was snowing hard, the way it almost never does anymore, and I decided I needed to go for my walk, heedless of the weather. read more

Why Valve Never Released Left 4 Dead 3

Why did Valve never release a Left 4 Dead 3? The popular zombie series was abandoned due to shifts in graphics engines and developers. read more

Pamela Anderson 'never apologised’ for leaving work commitments for sons

Fans gained a sneak peek into her life with the release of never-before-seen photos. This included a snap of herself as a child and another candid picture of Pamela cuddling her young son. Ahead of ... read more

1.5 Degrees Was Never the End of the World

But here’s the thing: 1.5 degrees, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, isn’t based on any scientific calculation. It doesn’t represent a specific planetary threshold or ecological tipping point. It was first ... read more

Pamela Anderson says she gained 25lbs while writing her memoir Love, Pamela

Pamela Anderson revealed that writing her upcoming memoir 'Love, Pamela' without the help of a ghostwriter took a physical toll on her. read more

I'll never need this 540Hz ASUS monitor and you won't either

If you hadn't already guessed from the title of this article, said monitor has a ridiculously high refresh rate. Or a ridiculously high refresh rate number, at least. The ASUS Rog Swift Pro PG248QP is ... read more

How ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Star Vannessa Cross Gained ‘Happiness’ Out of ‘Misery’ Following Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross didn’t want to undergo bariatric surgery — until a family tragedy and a health scare changed her mind. The Georgia native, who has starred on 1000-Lb Best Friends ... read more

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