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Muni Bonds Vs Bond Funds: Better Together - Latest News

Mutual Funds vs. Bonds (Which is Better in 2019?)

This article examines the differences between mutual funds and bonds. The difference between mutual funds and bonds is that the former pools together ... bond fund then choose the bonds the fund will ... read more

Muni CEFs Vs. Bonds: Which Is Better?

Muni Bond ... and the fund wants to sell some of its bonds, it may have a hard time doing so. Historically this hasn't been a major cause for concern outside of the auction rate securities (ARS) marke... read more

Massachusetts highlights a rainy-day fund milestone

Massachusetts exceeding $2 billion in its rainy-day fund for the first time in 11 years is ... said NAST would lobby hard to maintain the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds and to restore advanced b... read more

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The Case for High-Yield Muni Bonds

Even with Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, high-yield muni funds are up 7.6% over the past year, vs. the 2.9% loss for corporate junk bond funds ... or junk bonds to swoon at the same time stocks do, so the... read more

Fidelity Investments Retirement Expert Offers Tip On How Invest In Mutual Funds For Income

You use a combination of different mutual fund categories, such as municipal bond funds, high-yield bond ... a suitably diversified portfolio of bonds, would it be better to do that than own a portfol... read more

Tax Free Income From Municipal Bond Closed End Funds

And taken together ... to invest in muni-bond closed-end funds. Tax-equivalent income from the CEFs is quite favorable compared to many other fixed-income sources. And it is much better than can be ea... read more

Municipal Bond Forecast: Deadbeat States Emerge as Biggest Threat to Muni-Bond Investors

The U.S. municipal bond market ... these bonds face. So if the yield on a municipal bond looks attractive, its creditworthiness is almost certainly sub-par. Given the low yields currently available on ... read more

Municipal Bond Markets after the US Presidential Election: When the Dust Settles

Municipal bond ... up better than corporate bonds and had less correlation with equities. The significantly lower historic default risk of taxable munis versus corporates accounts for their relatively ... read more

How to Stay Afloat as Interest Rates Rise

But for bond investors ... and high-yield corporate or municipal bonds from the U.S. and other developed and emerging markets, to name a few. A final consideration when thinking about investing in the... read more

Mutual Funds vs. Fixed-Income Securities

However, you can also invest in a bond mutual fund, which also gives you the benefit of diversification. Mutual funds pool investors' money together ... from municipal and state-issued bonds are exemp... read more

How To Find The Best Dividend ETF To Boost Your Portfolio

High-yield bond funds aim to provide high yields in their fixed-income investments. These tend to be better ... ETF can own bonds that invest in different types of debt — Treasuries, high-grade and hi... read more

How many funds do you really need to diversify?

Fortunately, you don't need a whole lot of funds to do that. For example, with just two funds -- a total U.S. stock market index fund and a total U.S. bond market index ... have a mix of stocks and bo... read more

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