Mother Of Cancer Victim Says Daughter Might Be Alive If Not For Delays Getting In-person Appointment

Mother of cancer victim says daughter might be alive if not for delays getting ...

Jessica Brady, 27, from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, passed away from liver cancer in December after a series of virtual appointments over the course ... read more

Woman, 27, died from liver cancer after GPs failed to spot tumour for five MONTHS during virtual appointments and refused to see her in-person because of Covid fears

Jessica Brady, 27, from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, passed away from liver cancer in December after a series of virtual appointments over the course of five months failed to spot her tumour. read more

Let's get back to seeing GPs face to face: Growing toll of cancers and devastating illnesses missed by 'remote' doctors fuels concerns over healthcare appointments

A string of deaths has heightened fears that cancers and other illnesses are being missed because of the rise of phone and video consultations since the pandemic. read more

10 years of putting living into children’s dying

No matter how familiar you are with the story behind the foundation of LauraLynn children’s hospice, the cruel, coincidental twists of fate that one Dublin family suffered on August 30th, 1999 never ... read more

Reader replies: What is your enduring memory of 9/11?

I shared my memory of how I felt as a kid when JFK was killed and seeing my mother crying. That led to a discussion about families and that we are a part of many families. Our American family was ... read more

A distrust of the health care system: How to confront vaccine refusal in communities of color

Today, most drugstores offer shots without an appointment even as the rest of the world remains frustrated by vaccine scarcity. And yet, far too many Americans remain unvaccinated ... read more

A Michigan lawmaker faced a terrible choice: Fight her cancer or have a baby

She hadn't come to terms with the cancer she'd learned about on Tuesday. She'd never even met her oncologist. Yet now, sitting in an MRI lab on a Friday to learn more about her potentially deadly ... read more

‘My prayer was answered’: Missouri mom wins hearing aids contest for hard-of-hearing daughter

Would you do anything for your family? One mother from Republic made a decision that would change her daughter’s life forever. Anna Lee Datema won an online contest ... read more

Lucifer season 6 binge recap: The devil says goodbye

Six seasons and a new streaming service later, Lucifer comes to an end with a final ten episodes, and it remains a divine gift of a show. Let's recap! A truth-seeker and a wonder-chaser walk into a ... read more

Shopper Blog: Union County boutique moves home to Halls

HALLS Union County boutique moves home to Halls Ali James, Shopper News In June 2020, Nicole Hopkins bought out the Anchor Down boutique and rebranded it as ... read more

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