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Most People Think This Is A Smart Habit But Its Actually Braindamaging - Latest News

Most People Think This Is A Smart Habit, But It’s Actually Brain-Damaging

As someone who has studied, practiced, and taught learning how to learn for years, I’ve come to believe that one of the most pervasive threats to our brains goes completely unnoticed. When we think .. ... read more

Why people leave a space after punctuation in texts

And then there's the strange space that's seemed to pop up, more and more, between the last word of a sentence and its end ... it's a habit that's easy to fall into when the people around you ... read more

This $230 Philips Sonicare toothbrush maps your mouth using an app that shows you how to brush better — here's what it's like to use

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think ... people notice about you, so I've always tried my best to take good care of my teeth. My brother had braces twice, so after my first go, I knew I ... read more

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Actually, I want to hand over even more of my personal data to big tech

taking the most personal data about our personalities, habits ... especially for at-risk people like the elderly. Many people already have sensitive microphone arrays in their homes. They’re inside ... read more

Why 50 million smart meters still haven’t fixed America’s energy habits

But behavioral research suggests that technologies alone don’t necessarily change what we do, how we act, the habits we form. In the case of smart meters, what still seems missing in most cases ... ... read more

Should This Thing Be Smart? Fork Edition.

Function: The HAPIfork, per its official website, “is a connected smart fork which lets you adopt healthy eating habits.” How does it do this ... hard to tell when you are eating too fast. Most people ... read more

How to Fix Bad Galaxy S10 Battery Life

That’s because when you first get a new phone you use it more than usual, not to mention Samsung’s new software will learn from your usage habits and “optimize ... improves battery life. Plus, most ... read more

How Smart People Handle Difficult People

Related: 10 Habits of Unlikeable ... to neutralize difficult people. Top performers have well-honed coping strategies that they employ to keep difficult people at bay. While I’ve run across numerous ... read more

Is Israel giving in to Jewish fundamentalism?

And one of its components is a never-ending debate over what Jews should be doing instead of what they are actually doing ... precisely because, unlike most people who make that journey, it ... read more

Six Ways to Help People Change

While any one of the suggestions provided below for helping others change will work to some degree on its ... goals. Think like a business selling a product. Most businesses would never survive if ... read more

Why People Who Are Scatterbrained Are Actually More Intelligent

Well, according to Eric Barker for Time Magazine, these scatterbrained tendencies of yours may actually determine how smart ... seems to think such clutter could stimulate a person creatively. It’s as ... read more

8 Useful Mental Models

Charlie Munger For most of his life, Munger has been thinking about ways to think ... Its only when you look back across the years that you see the true impact of your good and bad habits. read more

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