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More Young Women Are Experiencing Hair Loss And Heres Why - Latest News

Black Experts Dug Into Why Black Women Are Losing Their Hair

When a panel is titled “Why are Black Women Losing Their Hair ... you need to have a primary stylist when you are experiencing hair loss or issues with your hair. “If you are wearing protective styles ... read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Does your hair fall out in summer? Don’t panic!

when we are young, new hairs grow at roughly the same rate as we lose them. But as we age, hair still sheds but more follicles remain dormant or grow thinner hairs. Although going bald is more common ... read more

Why are so many young Irish women depressed?

“Young women are telling us all the time that mental health is a big issue for them in their lives.” So why ... more likely to absorb what they see on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. “Women are ... read more

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'The average person that sits in my chair hasn’t worn their hair in years’: Atlanta hairstylist uses social media to show hair restoration

It shows a woman with severe hair loss. The woman behind the camera is Jasmine, more commonly known as Razor Chic. “It was very, very important for me to post that video. The reason why it was so ... ... read more

What Causes Female Hair Loss & Is There Any Way To Reverse It?

Though we often think of it as an exclusively male issue, hair loss happens to women ... if you suddenly discover more clumps on your hairbrush in the morning; you're far from the only one ... read more

This man saved a kitten straight out of a coyote’s mouth

Years ago I worked with a lovely woman who worked ... family from coyotes? Here’s why there are so many coyotes and why they are spreading so fast It just goes to show that truly any type of person ... read more

Hair Loss in Women

There are numerous reasons why women might experience hair loss. Anything from medical conditions to hormonal changes to stress may be the culprit. It’s not always easy tracing the root cause, but ... read more

This Woman Turned Traction Alopecia Into a Lesson In Self-Care

Dr. Durante also stressed the need for self-love, which turned out to be really similar to what I tell other women to ... mind may be more useful than you think. “Hair growth supplements are helpful ... read more

Help! I Just Found Out My Neighbor’s a Former Sex Offender.

I’m really at a loss as to what to do about my husband. I would truly appreciate any input. A: This sounds devastating, and I can understand why you ... is so much more at stake here than ... read more

Salon in north Austin creates community for those experiencing hair loss

hair loss occurs more often than you might think: in both women and men, young and old. Whatever the reason might be, it's a process that can be taxing mentally, physically and emotionally, which is ... read more

Do hair vitamins really work? Here’s what a dermatologist says.

“But particularly with women with hair loss, we see more inflammation so I really like Nutrafol ... “No matter what you choose, make sure that it's targeting the multiple reasons why you are ... read more

Why Millennials Are Losing Their Hair Earlier

Although balding is typically associated with advancing age, an increasing number of millennials in the United States say they’re experiencing hair loss. Dr. Andrea Hui, a San Francisco dermatologist, ... read more

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