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More Teens Are Getting Plastic Surgery Because Of Social Media Study Suggests - Latest News

You’ll Never Guess HOW MANY Social Media-Obsessed Teens Had Cosmetic Surgery Last Year Alone…

Who knew this many teenagers were going under the knife?! A study ... social media: “As the saying goes, ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,’ — this reflects the current dilemma presented ... read more

People Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Snapchat Filters, Doctors Warn

Snapchat dysmorphia may be a relatively new phenomenon, but other research also suggests that social media ... Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery — perhaps in part because research has shown that self... read more

Do Your Selfies Have You Thinking About Plastic Surgery?

One in three facial plastic surgeons in a poll by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported that patients are more aware of their appearance because of social ... read more

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Are selfies sparking more plastic surgery?

It’s hardly a surprise that social media is increasing body dissatisfaction. A 2011 study of 248 girls aged 12–19 by researchers at the University of Haifa found that girls who spent more ... children ... read more

Thanks, Kylie: More Millennials than Ever Are Undergoing Plastic Surgery

“The teen and young adult years are a highly impressionable time, and the more consumers are inundated with celebrity images via social media, the more they ... patients’ decisions to have plastic sur... read more

New age recommendations for teens seeking plastic surgery

In an era of selfies and a culture obsessed with social media ... of teenagers are undergoing cosmetic procedures. But despite their growing popularity, little is known about the safety and appropriat... read more

Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?

“We hook up because we have no social skills. We have no social skills because we hook up.” In more recent decades, by contrast, teen romantic relationships appear to have grown less common. In 1995, ... read more

New study sheds light on teenagers' online habits

Teenagers are far more critical users of social media than we give them credit for, and need to be better supported in reaping the benefits social media can have. A new study ... not living' because t... read more

Selfies Inspire Plastic Surgery In Kansas City, Across United States

One in three of academy facial plastic surgeons reported that their patients are more aware of their appearances because of their social media use ... A recent Pew study shows that a growing number of ... read more

Young people are actually trying to get plastic surgery to up their Snapchat game

If that means plastic surgery ... teens or people with body dysmorphic disorder. Because people in those demographics tend to “more severely internalize” the beauty standard. “It is important for clin... read more

Going under the knife in China's plastic surgery stampede

Plastic surgery is booming in China, fuelled by rising incomes, growing Western influences, and the imperative of looking good on social media. Some parents are even paying for teenage children to get ... read more

Why social media can be damaging for young people

Research suggests that young people who are heavy users of social media - spending more than ... women in their teens and early 20s view Facebook for only a short period of time, body image concerns a... read more

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