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Monkey see, monkey do, depending on age, experience and efficiency

Younger capuchin monkeys turn to older animals to learn how to open Panama fruit. But even experienced monkeys will pick up a new technique that is more efficient. Credit: Brendan Barrett/UC Davis pho... read more

Research reveals how new behaviors appear and spread among capuchin monkeys

Explore further: Monkey see, monkey do, depending on age, experience and efficiency More information: Susan E. Perry et al. Older, sociable capuchins (Cebus capucinus) invent more social behaviors, bu... read more

Doctors Urge Greater Use of Chickenpox Vaccine; Highway Shoulder Accidents on the Rise; Are Nation's Hospitals Prepared for Biological Terrorism?

DR. STEVE SALVATORE, HOST: Today on YOUR HEALTH, biological and chemical terrorism. Some say it could be one of the greatest threats to public health in the 21st century. Would you know what to do? An... read more

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The Swingers

When they do, it's cause ... to the local market to see some shocking images. Even here wild primates are being killed for meat and the orphans sold as pets. ALBERT LOKASOLA: This species is called lo... read more


How Smart Can We Get?

I do ... monkey, a shooting rope, a smashing guitar. CHESTER SANTOS: Perfect. DAVID POGUE: Further down the list, my tissues are having quite a memorable experience, as they get run over by a bicycle ... read more

Flaws Of An Undead Genre - What's Wrong With Point & Click Adventures?

"Why Adventure Games Suck" by Ron Gilbert Before I start, I need to mention an article Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert ... a lot of playtesting here and if you see that your action sequences don't w... read more

A movie theater auditorium with a playground inside? ScreenPLAY! has come to Tulsa

There is running, swinging, sliding and more that you might see in an action movie — and it’s all happening ... hoops to climb through, spinning monkey bars handles and even a lighted “sparkle” board ... read more

Horizon: Do you see the same colours as me?

Do you see the same colours that I see ... that's shaped by our own individual experiences, then we can see the world very differently." We really do perceive colours differently depending on experien... read more

Baby’s first bacteria depend on route of delivery

In adult bodies, certain species of bacteria dominate certain habitats, so that your butt microbes have more in common with mine that they do with your elbow bacteria ... which also differ depending o... read more

10 things we learned about surviving anxiety

Scott Stossel, author of "My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind"; Daniel Smith, author of "Monkey Mind ... he noted some people often experience shame that their partn... read more

Leading Like a Monk: What Do Real Leaders Actually Do?

They did not want us to really understand what leaders do. The way I understand leadership has changed with experience. I have come to see leadership does not come ... Budgets and plans, productivity ... read more

Slime mould attacks simulates Tokyo rail network

Human societies depend on good transport networks for ferrying people ... and it can even find the shortest path through a maze. But can it do the same for Tokyo’s sprawling cityscape? Tero grew Physa... read more

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