Microsoft To Make Hardware More Reliable In The Face Of Right To Repair

Microsoft to make hardware more reliable in the face of right to repair

Microsoft announced that it will be looking to make its hardware more easily repairable. What benefits does Right to Repair offer, what did Microsoft say regarding their own products, and why can ... read more

Microsoft is considering allowing Xbox owners to repair their own consoles

Microsoft has pledged to investigate the possibility of letting consumers repair their own hardware ... show up to kill right-to-repair bills there’s still more work to be done,” Proctor said. The ... read more

Windows XP’s 20-year success story is proof Microsoft shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken

Twenty years on from the public release of Windows XP, the popular operating system is still regarded one of Microsoft’s greatest achievements. As of August this year, Windows XP still maintained a ... read more

Microsoft might be planning on making its own Custom CPU

A new job listing has just been spotted which hints that Microsoft is planning on making its own custom CPU. This move bears resemblance to Apple, who made a major shift away from Intel CPUs for ... read more

How to right-size edge storage

Enterprises need to consider capacity, power and connectivity when choosing storage options for edge computing deployments. read more

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft made its foray into the “personal computer” market back in 2012 with the launch of the original Surface — notwithstanding the tabletop computer with the same name that the company ... read more

What about Windows 10 for cars?

translating that to the automotive industry would make it that much more ubiquitous. Ubiquity is what Microsoft needs right now. Windows needs to be in your face (and on your face) as much as ... read more

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The device is made of two slim, rounded panels joined by a reliable-feeling ... Fold's shots (left) are more visibly brighter and sharper than the Duo's (right) Quality-wise, Microsoft's software ... read more

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: Duo-over or strike two?

Microsoft made some other ... after many bug fix updates. It’s faster, likely thanks to the Duo 2’s newer processor and more generous amount of RAM, and it’s more reliable and predictable. read more

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