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Mexico City: Thirsty And Sinking

Mexico City is draining even more water from the ancient lake bed on which the city sits, causing it to sink. Climate change, political inaction and poor infrastructure are intensifying the problem. A... read more

Mexico City Is Sinking While Also Running Out of Drinking Water

Mexico City is sinking by an estimated one meter (3.2 feet) every year, while it simultaneously faces a water crisis. The ancient Aztecs, who were conquered by the Spanish under the command of conquis... read more

Noah Centineo Continues To Be America's Boyfriend In Thirst Trap Photo Essay

Bahbah, 26, also has worked with brands like Gucci and Vogue, and has displayed her work at high-profile art shows, including Art Basel in Miami and Zona Maco in Mexico City. The photographer ... in h... read more

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Mexico City is sinking – and it’s going to cause some real problems

Mexico City, a scant mile and a half above sea level, is sinking. It’s a turn of events that shouldn’t surprise anyone with a rudimentary grasp of history. Established by the Aztecs in 1325, the city ... read more

Mexico City buildings have sinking feeling, literally

It lists like a tipsy cantina patron. It’s a common phenomenon here, where many buildings are sinking, as each year Mexico City’s 21 million thirsty residents suck up water from the aquifer beneath on... read more

Mexico City Keeps Sinking As Its Water Supply Wastes Away

It's the rainy season now in Mexico. Between May and September ... It is not helping the city's water shortage or sinking problems. The system moves rainwater and sewage out of the city quickly, but l... read more

Sinking of Mexico City linked to metro accident, with more to come

A geophysicist at the University of Miami in Florida, he now understands one of the causes of those delays: Mexico City, built on an ancient lakebed, is sinking by up to 30 centimeters per year, as gr... read more

Mexico City's Grim Paradox: Thirst in a Wet Land of Floods

MEXICO CITY — For days at ... from underground aquifers that are shrinking, city officials say. Going Down The persistent overuse of the aquifers has resulted in another problem: the slow and steady s... read more

Mexico City earthquake was rare ‘bending’ quake

A new study on the 2017 quake that killed 300 in Mexico City finds that both its location and cause were ... with the subducted plate sinking diagonally downwards. But then, just as it begins to jut u... read more

The ambitious plan to stop the ground from sinking

And although inland communities are unlikely to suffer much from sea level rise, many, including Mexico City and California’s San Joaquin Valley, are grappling with the challenges posed by sinking lan... read more

Mexico City Is Sinking While Also Running Out of Water

“The Aztecs managed,” Loreta Castro Reguera, a Harvard-trained architect who specializes in the sinking ground in Mexico City, told The New York Times last year. “But they had 300,000 people. We now h... read more

Mexico City is sinking

Only it didn’t, pretty much from the start. The canal was based on gravity. And Mexico City, a mile and a half above sea level, was sinking, collapsing in on itself. It still is, faster and faster, an... read more

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