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Messier Monday: The Pinwheel Galaxy M101 - Latest News

Messier Monday: The Pinwheel Galaxy, M101

Every object that we look at for Messier Monday has its own flavor, its own qualities, and its own unique characteristics. By far the most numerous of the 110 deep-sky objects making up the Messier ca... read more

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This is an uncommonly beautiful image of M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy, captured by photographer John Purvis ... of galaxies lies in the direction of Ursa major. Although Charles Messier's assistant, Pier... read more

ULX-1: Astronomers Discover Tiny, Strange Black Hole in Messier 101

Messier 101 (M101), also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy or NGC 5457, is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major about 22 million light-years away from Earth. In 2004, Chandra and XMM-New... read more

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The Pinwheel Galaxy Looks Amazing in New Image

... as the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy because it is oftentimes mentioned in the same sentence as the Northern Pinwheel Galaxy, called Messier 101. They are however not at all related. What makes M83 so ... read more

NASA's Great Observatories Celebrate the International Year of Astronomy with a National Unveiling of Spectacular Images

The selected sites will unveil a large, 9-square-foot print of the spiral galaxy Messier 101 that combines the optical view of ... stars and glowing gas that give the galaxy its nickname the Pinwheel ... read more

Hubble sees a distinctly disorganised dwarf galaxy

Ursa Major is also home to the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), the Owl Nebula (M97), Messier 81, Messier 82 and several other galaxies all part of the M81 group. UGC 4459’s diffused and disorganised appearanc... read more

Hubble peers at a distinctly disorganized dwarf galaxy

... in the constellation of Ursa Major (The Great Bear), a constellation that is also home to the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), the Owl Nebula (M97), Messier 81, Messier 82 and several other galaxies all pa... read more

UD students photograph exploding star in Pinwheel Galaxy

10:57 a.m., Oct. 7, 2011--In the Pinwheel Galaxy some ... that it is indeed a full-fledged galaxy. Mechain’s fellow astronomer Charles Messier would include it as an item, today still referred to as “ ... read more

Messier Monday: The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, M83

There are 27 spiral galaxies in the Messier Catalogue, and today I want to show you ... One of the closest face-on spirals to us, the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy is about 55,000 light years across, with ... read more

NASA Spitzer Telescope Reveals No Organics Zone Around Pinwheel Galaxy

The Pinwheel galaxy is gussied up in infrared light in a new picture from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. The fluffy-looking galaxy, officially named Messier 101, is dominated by a mishmash of spiral ... read more

Black Hole Found in ULX-1 System Leaves Scientists Scratching Their Heads

A black hole, located within the ULX-1 system of the Pinwheel Galaxy (a.k.a. Messier 101), has left scientists scratching their heads, as they struggle to fathom the basis for its incredible luminosit... read more

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