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Messier Monday: A Big Blue Bright Baby Cluster M47 - Latest News

Messier Monday: A Big, Blue, Bright Baby Cluster, M47

"Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe." -Maria Mitchell It's time again for Messier Monday, where we highlight the various wonderous deep-sky objects ... read more

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Another cluster ... M47 was “discovered” three times: first by Giovanni Batista Hodierna in the mid-17th century, then by Charles Messier some 17 years later, and finally by William Herschel 14 years ... read more

Messier Monday: The could-be-better cluster, M26

This Messier Monday, we take a look at one of the most common types of deep-sky object in the night sky, an open star cluster, but one that has an ... The westernmost among them is the relatively ... read more

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Coincidental spirals for your Monday pleasure

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Monday spiral, so here’s a great example of one: the nearby beauty M96. [Click to oooh-and-ahhhhhenate.] There’s some nifty stuff here. M96 is about 36 million ... read more

SkyWatcher’s Forecast: March 20-26, 2009 – A Messier Marathon Special Edition!

Now get Sirius, go south, and start our list for tonight with open cluster M41. Return to Sirius and head a fist-width east/northeast for M47 (RA 07 36 36.00 Dec ... In the field west is our next ... read more

The best astronomy pictures of the year are gorgeous reminders that we live on a rock that drifts through space

Looking up at space reminds us that everyone and everything on Earth is stuck together on a big space rock that's drifting through ... the molecules fluoresce a bright blue colour. This stunning ... read more

Messier Monday: The farthest Messier object (for now), M58

Orison Swett Marden Welcome back to another Messier Monday ... cluster’s core, Messier 58! Here’s how to locate it. The key to finding any of the Virgo galaxies is knowing where to begin in the sky. ... read more

WIRED Space Photo of the Day 2013

The stellar nursery, where baby stars are ... framed against a bright background as it moves through the heart of galaxy cluster Abell 3627. This cluster is violently ripping the spiral’s entrails out ... read more

Messier Monday: A Bright, Close Delight of the Winter Skies, M34

John Eldredge Welcome back to another Messier Monday, where the glittering ... Although the bright Moon may make it difficult to look in on many extended objects tonight, the open cluster Messier 34 ... read more

Heavenly images from the depths of space as Hubble telescope reveals the mysteries of the universe

There have been further misinterpretation, and it has also been incorrectly classified as a star cluster ... Messier 77's spiral arms are very bright regions. Dotted along each arm are knotty red ... read more

Hubble captures mysterious nebula in gorgeous new image

The interaction of a high-velocity young star with the cloud of gas and dust may have created this unusually sharp-edged, bright arc. Such a reckless star would have been ejected from the distant ... read more

A (very) smart kid and a solid theory

It takes insight that generally comes with time. Happily, Mr. Barnett has that time, and has a big head start with the basics. Steve Novella tackles that issue very well at Neurologica, and I don’t ... read more

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