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Medicare for all: Some say it's hard to get there from here

“Medicare for all” is a popular ... don’t understand that it’s hard to get them to deal with cost control in a serious way,” Wallack said. “I’m skeptical whether one in a thousand people out there who ... read more

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare for All

“We’re getting there ... say, western Pennsylvania would be likely to respond if Medicare-for-all dared to reject the terms demanded by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the region’s domina... read more

Why Infants May Be More Likely to Die in America Than Cuba

Still, there’s no doubt that a major strength of the Cuban system is that it assures universal access. Cuba has the Medicare for All that many ... to the care common in, say, Texas, where one-third of ... read more

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Still, people liked the idea that poor people would get ... "Medicare-for-all," they mean exactly what they say. This is a health plan for all; everybody is tossed in the swimming pool. Think about th... read more

'Medicare for all' suddenly popular on campaign trail even in deep-red states: ANALYSIS

The risk, some critics say, is that “Medicare-for-all” could become a Democratic version of the Republican “repeal and replace” slogan — a vote-getter that does not translate to political action becau... read more

Medicare for All Is Even Better Than You Thought

Long plagued by accusations of ambiguity and impracticality, Medicare for All now has credible economic research its advocates can cite ... As the PERI authors repeatedly say, there are many workable ... read more

Reporting on Medicare for All Makes Media Forget How Math Works

However, these scary headlines missed an important point in Blahous’ study: In terms of total (federal, state and private) spending on healthcare, Sanders’ Medicare for All plan is actually ... Thorpe ... read more

Healthy Outlook: Tips to survive a second-shift lifestyle

But that schedule has its good points, too. The trick is just in taking advantage of them. Here are some ways to do ... It’s hard to take time for all that on day shifts, unless you want to ... read more

How to Sell “Medicare for All” to All Americans

Here’s how he and other single-payer supporters hope to convince the public. Get the latest from TNR ... But that makes his words even more applicable today. Some Democrats argue that the Medicare-for ... read more

Medicare for all comes with a price tag — and hard choices

And yet here ... There are only hard choices. Blahous shows with his study how hard the choices are, even when making generous allowances for the M4A plan. Leftists can mock him all they want for tryi... read more

New take on Medicare for all

Republicans, you will recall, resisted any attempt to make Medicare for all, arguing it would bankrupt ... and hoping the Democrats don’t get so riled up with investigations, there may be a solution t... read more

HMS Holdings: Medicare For All Could Hurt HMS

As the drumbeat for Medicare For All grows louder, it's hard to see how HMS ... If we end up with some form of Medicare For All, I believe this hurts HMS Holdings. Under Medicare For All, it's fair to ... read more

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