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Massive Amounts Of Nyc Data Can Be Parsed Using This New Tool - Latest News

Massive amounts of NYC data can be parsed using this new tool

New York City ... open data movement has made it “far easier to plunge yourself into the deep pools of data cities can collect,” it hasn’t necessarily made that data any easier to interpret. “While ev... read more

The multitasking cell that can build the parts of a human skeleton

Artificial-intelligence technology that examines images of lung tissue can identify two common lung cancers just as well as pathologists do. A team led by Narges Razavian and Aristotelis Tsirigos at t... read more

Can science build a better burger?

The focus: “175,000 horses on the streets of New York ... laying down ... Likewise, some of the big innovations in food, such as canning or freezing, took at least a generation to catch on, Petrick sa... read more

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Computers can solve your problem. You may not like the answer.

In New York, officials were using a regression analysis tool to focus fire inspections on the most ... and oversimplify the choices that voters face, algorithms can chew through huge amounts of compli... read more

AI is acquiring a sense of smell that can detect illnesses in human breath

For a few decades, laboratories around the world have been able to use machines ... diagnostic tool to identify many illnesses, painlessly and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the process can be ver... read more

Customer behavior analysis in the telecom arena

Using the right technology, telecoms can have access ... been collecting and storing data for a very long time now; there’s nothing new about that. They’ve even been analyzing data for a long time, ju... read more

Enterprises Don’t Have Big Data, They Just Have Bad Data

Accounting for a third of peak-time Internet traffic in the U.S., Netflix collects massive amounts of data about its users’ viewing habits, and can break it down by ... Predicting Patients’ Health. Th... read more

For science, big data is the microscope of the 21st century

The network will be capable of transferring an amount ... data, and unless we have the equivalent of the 21st-century microscope, with faster networks and the corresponding computing, we are stuck,” S... read more

IBM Wants to Push Spark, Real-Time Big Data Tool, Into Mainstream

International Business Machines has thrown its weight behind Spark, an increasingly popular tool that is used to analyze ... “Hadoop is good as a collection point of large amounts of historical inform... read more

2017 predictions for Big Data, IoT, and AI

In remote patient monitoring, AI can enable virtual care and include virtual nursing assistants Internet of Things, Big Data and AI are all growing and coming closer to hitting more commercial and mas... read more

Data visualisation isn’t just for communication, it’s also a research tool

At the heart of the scientific method lies the ability to make sense from data. However, this is a challenge in the fast-moving field of biotechnology, where new experimental methods are creating huge ... read more

Why big data might be more about automation than insights

Last week, New York ... using data in the corporate world came from ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli, who compared it to figuring out which few of dozens of cockroaches to kill when the light comes on. Big ... read more

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