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Loud Snoring Thins The Skull And May Be Deadly Study Finds - Latest News

Is snoring ruining your sex life?

Men can suffer from reduced testosterone production as a result which may, in turn, cause impotence. Men are not alone. A study performed ... decreased libido. Snoring also takes its toll on your bed ... read more

How Karelian Bear Dogs Are Keeping Wildlife Out of Harm's Way

The skull ... study co-authored by Lackey, 62 problem black bears in the Lake Tahoe basin were captured and fitted with radio collars. The bears were either released without intervention (the control ... read more

An anti-poaching technology for elephants that is always listening

WIPER may not protect the animal wearing it ... A grazing white rhino and calf at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. The shape of a rhino’s skull hampers the use of standard tracking collars. Image b... read more

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A Tale of Two Viruses: Why AIDS Was Pinned to HIV, but Chronic Fatigue Remains a Mystery

A subsequent case-control study failed to identify EBV as the causative agent of ... Additionally, CFS is a heterogeneous disease, and may be caused by several different agents or a combination of vir... read more

One last brief comment about Suzanne Somers

The signs and symptoms of disseminated disease depend on which parts of your body are affected and may include: Nodules ... occurs with other forms of the disease Painful lesions in the skull, spine o... read more

10 Baffling Medical Conditions

Invariably, the next morning Adler finds ... skull for his brain. Surgeons made an incision at the base of Rhett's skull to the top of his neck and removed the bone around the brain stem and spinal co... read more

Light My Fire

At night during this time, I would lie awake and listen to the sound of my mate's snoring, alarms going off in my body ... Baum had ever written and read the volumes out loud before bed, ferreted into ... read more

Severe Sleep Apnea Has Silver Lining

"There may be something more serious we need to consider," she said. People with obstructive sleep apnea experience disruptions in their airflow while sleeping, making it difficult to breathe. The con... read more

No, the LHC won’t destroy the Earth

Two men are suing to stop the LHC from being switched on, saying it may be dangerous and might even destroy the ... If that happens, it would fall through the Earth and, well, you can guess what bad t... read more

Palin fires back at 'blue-blood' Barbara Bush

In an interview Wednesday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin fired back at former first lady Barbara Bush, opting to make a class issue ... the scrutiny of what her candidacy may ... read more

Earth breaks heat record in 2016 for third year in a row

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Last year, the Earth sweltered under the hottest temperatures in modern times for the third year in a row, US scientists said ... which reached 124 F (51 C) ... read more

How stigmatized are undervaccinated children and their parents?

Mothers of unvaccinated children are judged harshly by other people and their children are more likely to be shunned by other families, according to a study from the University ... vaccine-preventable ... read more

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