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Looking Forward Giving Back: Mann Eye Institute Is Giving Away Free Lasik And Supporting Local School Supply Drives - Latest News

Looking Forward, Giving Back: Mann Eye Institute is Giving Away Free LASIK and Supporting Local School Supply Drives

HOUSTON and AUSTIN, Texas, July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Houston saw heroes of all shapes and sizes step forward during the days, weeks and months following Hurricane Harvey that devastated the region ... read more

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Consumer and Medical Devices Business Review - Brokers Conference Transcript

And in China, I'm about to share with you a sweet story of a father and son giving back to a mom what she has always given to them. Let's take a look. [Video Presentation ... oodles of unmet need in E... read more

Open Letter to Bill Nye from a Plant Scientist

Agricultural biotechnology is not going away; the public would be well-served by a fact ... Thank you for your consideration of this offer. I look forward to hearing from you. read more

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Health and Wellness News - Los Angeles Times

Boxing gym Gloveworx expands to Century City, to a location directly across from Eataly, a multi-level destination for Italian food. One can offset the other. Here are new and comfortable ways to take ... read more

Yes, Free Markets Would Improve Healthcare Results

"He likes free markets?" sneered one Internet commenter ... The angriest comments were in the Washington Post: "Stossel should ask for his money back and the doctors should put cancer back into his lu... read more

Statistical analysis rules out natural-warming hypothesis with more than 99 percent certainty

His conclusion: the natural-warming hypothesis may be ruled out "with confidence levels great than 99%, and most likely greater than 99.9%." To assess the natural variability before much human interfe... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

And that has led several nations to take a closer look at thorium power generation ... out of control and cause an accident. A thorium fuel cycle, by contrast, can be immediately shut down by turning ... read more

Climate change isn't just a Leftist cause

The Government's direct action plan needs to be called on for what it is: a facade to give the impression that it cares ... The party for individual enterprise, autonomy, and the free market, presents ... read more

Medicare: Why is it on the table?

"Most of us understood the health reform law was about expanding coverage not cutting costs," said Joseph Antos, a health policy expert at the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute ... ta... read more

Climategate and Scientific Journal Chicanery

Eduardo Zorita, a researcher on past temperature trends at the Institute for Coastal Research in Germany, is calling for prominent Climategate reseachers, Phil Jones, Michael Mann, and Stefan ... rese... read more

Today's Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida

He is now a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology. The research team included paleontologists, geochemists, and a climate physicist. By measuring concentrations of rare isotop... read more

Climate sceptic reborn a believer

On ABC Environment last week, we ran an opinion piece by Michael Mann - the guy who compiled the famous 'hockey ... there appears to have been a palpable shift away from a refusal to accept the climat... read more

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