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Longer Muni Bonds Offer Tempting Yields - Latest News

Tax-Free Bonds Offer Tempting Yields

but it makes the tax exemption of municipal bonds more valuable. To appreciate the impact of the tax rise, consider that the average intermediate-term municipal fund delivers a tax-free yield of 2.5%. ... read more

The BlackRock Municipal Income Investment Trust - A 5.36% Tax-Free Yield For (Very) Aggressive Investors

Despite macroeconomic headwinds such as rising bond yields and tax reform, national municipal ... could be a sign of a long-term trend. Even so, the fund's 5.36% trailing 12-month yield that is exempt ... read more

Best Income Investments for 2019

Muni bonds don’t look bad in the 1.5%-to-3.5% range, but offer little or no inflation-adjusted yields ... longer maturities. In the stock market, real estate investment trusts are yielding an average ... read more

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Muni bond default risk is rising

30-year muni is 1.3 percentage points higher than for a 10-year. Sounds tempting, but the reality is that’s a small premium for locking up your money, and the spread is narrowing. Yields on long-term ... read more

Lower prices, higher yields make municipal bonds worth a look

Each time the municipal bond market starts to pick up, it gets knocked down again. The result, says one Milwaukee investment manager, is lower prices and higher yields that make for some tempting oppo... read more

What to Do About the Bond Bust Timely answers to help mutual fund investors rethink their strategies

At the beginning of 1987, short-term bank CDs and money-market funds were paying only about 5.5%, and the bond funds' tempting yields ... investors switched out of long-term municipal funds. Q. In con... read more

Mandating Taxable Muni Bonds

Current fiscal projections by the Government Accountability Office show that scenario by 2030 or sooner, before some of today's bonds would mature. Of course, that doomsday scenario offers little sola... read more

IT'S TIME TO BE BOLD WITH BONDS Gone is the cozy hiding place of short-term Treasuries. For decent returns, buy longer maturities.

Even junk fanciers have seen their double-digit yields wilt, from 11.4% a year ago on BB-rated bonds to 9.5%. Despite these grim developments, the bond world still offers rewards ... the $1 trillion o... read more

Closed-End Muni Funds Offer Hefty Yields

See Also: How to Earn Up to 12% Yield With Closed-end Funds Muni closed-end funds, however, offer a more tempting distribution ... end funds cut distributions as longer-term rates fell and managers sa... read more

How to Play Today’s All-Too-Familiar Market

First of all, make sure you’re rid of any stocks or mutual funds you don’t really care to hold for the long ... bonds — not stocks. For investors in the upper tax brackets, closed-end municipal bond f... read more

4 Smart Investment Moves for Near-Retirees

“However, it may be prudent to allocate a portion of your portfolio to asset classes that offer safety, but also mitigate the risk of rising interest rates ... bonds for qualified accounts and short-t... read more

Muni bonds: Proceed with caution

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- After months of declines, municipal bonds look too ... Darcy thinks default rates won't increase by much, but he argues that the credit stress facing issuers is an overriding con... read more

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