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Little DNA found at Standard crime scene

HENNEPIN — Crime-scene technicians didn’t find much DNA from Deborah Dewey or her alleged killer — but where they did find it could be bad news for murder suspect Clifford Andersen. Kevin Zeeb, a fore... read more

Africa: Like Fingerprints At a Crime Scene, DNA May Hold the Answer to Cancer's Riddle

Initially, Stratton's team focused on six basic mutational signatures but that wasn't enough to say whether the changes they found in DNA had ... the biological scene of the crime is intriguing. read more

You Are Not Your DNA

They had the killer’s DNA, but no match to any suspects. So they created a fake customer for an online genealogy service and found partial ... of DNA at the crime scene, and they can match ... read more

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Skeleton of Strangled Boy Abandoned by an Interstate May Finally Be Identified — and Killer Found

Horne, 50, was one of those who worked the crime scene in September ... in 1998, DNA was still fairly new.” Investigators were able to use the clothing the boy was found in and the sneakers ... read more

Livingston Students Sleuth Bloody 'Crime Scenes' At School

Students form teams of six The students build a 3-D crime scene With LPD officers acting ... opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of DNA sequences, fingerprints, shoeprints, hair samples ... read more

Witness: Blood spatter at crime scene was victim’s

A pair of forensic scientists took the stand Wednesday to speak about testing for blood and DNA on evidence removed from the crime scene, Andersen’s house ... but both Dewey’s and Andersen’s DNA was f... read more

Better DNA hair analysis for catching criminals

"Technological advancements over the last 10 years have allowed police and forensic scientists to profile crime-scene ... DNA. "DNA profiling of human hairs is critical to solving many serious crimes ... read more

Taking a bite out of crime with pet DNA

“They kind of acted like, ‘Well, you’ve been watching a little ... s DNA matched DNA traces found on the truck’s tire and the suspect pleaded guilty. ASPCA forensic veterinarian Melinda Merck relies o... read more

OKC’s DNA Solutions puts forensic science expertise to work identifying criminal suspects, victims

Welcome to another intriguing episode of CSI — Oklahoma City, where DNA crime scene evidence from all ... “We were able to find little bits of tissue stuck in the grooves of the bullets ... read more

German law allows use of DNA to predict suspects' looks

The techniques attempt to wring information out of traces of blood, skin, semen, or other DNA-containing cells found at a crime scene. They read single-nucleotide ... says the firm starts with a stand... read more

False starts in search for Golden State Killer reveal the pitfalls of DNA testing

By comparing DNA found at the crime scene against genealogy websites ... It's just chance that there was a match at all, and really very little support for that match leading to the suspect," Murphy l... read more

Animal CSIs Take a Bite Out of Crime

"They kind of acted like, 'Well, you've been watching a little ... DNA matched DNA traces found on the truck's tire and the suspect pleaded guilty. ASPCA forensic veterinarian Melinda Merck relies on ... read more

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