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Literally Hundreds Of Amendments And 20 Hours Of Debate: Heres What To Expect For The Healthcare Bill Over The Next Few Days - Latest News

'Literally hundreds' of amendments and 20 hours of debate: Here's what to expect for the healthcare bill over the next few days

After a 51-50 vote on the motion to proceed (with the tie broken by Vice President Mike Pence), the bill is up for 20 hours of ... "Twenty hours of debate and then a Vote-a-Rama with literally hundred... read more

Debate: Be an Anarchist, Not a Minarchist

This always strikes me as peculiar coming from people who will cheerfully sketch out their 20-year, 87-part ... words in the English language are "taxation is theft." Over the past few years, that slo... read more

Read the Full Transcript of the Ninth Republican Debate in South Carolina

So it was a difficult decision to make and when we only had a few days to look at and make a decision on it ... your ideas would cost an additional $12 trillion to $15 trillion over the next 10 years ... read more

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The US Congress Anti-Science Committee

I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says ... or fantasy. The choice, quite literally, is yours. Choose well. Tip o’ the gavel to TPM via CCounterman. read more

The Senate voted down a single-payer healthcare system — and there's a specific reason Bernie Sanders opposed it

The amendment was the third healthcare plan to face a key vote during the 20-hour Senate ... t be considering amendments until the final bill is out. Democrats also won't be introducing amendments unt... read more

Yes, I am in favor of civil gay marriage!

Possibly with a side debate on whether the internet is vested with the power to throw Leah out of the Church? So now you get to have that fight in the comments thread of this post instead. I live just ... read more

The Limits of Elizabeth Warren

She pilloried former Congressman Billy Tauzin for having done the pharmaceutical lobby’s bidding by preventing a bill ... to debate them on the floor of the senate. I want to be able to do amendments ... read more

Obama on Obamacare launch problems: Glitches are to be expected, just like Apple product rollouts

A message on the federal web site ... things up over the next few hours to handle all this demand that’s exceeding anything that we expected. Consider that, just a few weeks ago, Apple rolled out a ne... read more

5 Things Barack Obama Said in His Weirdly Off-the-Record MIT Speech

The event, attended by hundreds of sports industry professionals ... As an example of the kind of epistemic closure described above, Obama offered up the debate over climate change. "You and I can hav... read more

Bernie Sanders discusses his prospects of beating Donald Trump with the L.A. Times editorial board

So there was always stress in the household over money ... took place just a few days ago [from] CNN. And this is just one of many. All the same thing. Donald Trump — Clinton beats Trump, 53-41, 12 po... read more

On the Matter of Snowden and his "Authorities"

More over the flip. In full disclosure I write this as former employee ... or anyone with access to the "raw SIGINT databases". There is a valid debate as to whether the NSA should even possess such w... read more

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