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Using SQL Server's Output Clause

When you are inserting, updating, or deleting records from a table, SQL Server keeps track of ... There are a number of limitations you need to consider if you are planning on using the OUTPUT clause. ... read more

The OUTPUT Clause for the MERGE Statements

Some of the limitations that are listed out in Microsoft library: The OUTPUT clause is not supported in the following statements: ... read more

SQL Paging With Limit And Offset In DB2 For i

Enable Row Set Paging in a Client/Server Environment Using SQL and Paging Cursors And Position To. LIMIT n is an alternative syntax to the ubiquitous and laborious FETCH FIRST n ROWS ONLY (a.k.a. ... read more

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Practical SQL: Subqueries in FROM and SELECT Clauses

(Unless otherwise noted, queries are run on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.) select title ... 42.95 (9 row(s) affected) Subqueries in HAVING clauses limit group result rows. If you are interested in the ... read more

Does PostgreSQL Have an ORA-01795-like Limit?

Java 8 makes it build up a query to test the condition of more than 1000 values in an IN clause. The next code snippet focuses ... However, I was curious if the same limitation existed for PostgreSQL ... read more

The OUTPUT Clause for UPDATE Statements

The OUTPUT clause was introduced in SQL Server 2005 version. The OUTPUT clause returns the values of each row that was affected by an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements. It even supports the MERGE ... read more

Building a Dynamic Where Clause

The simple text passed to this parameter looks a lot like the Where clause of a query and must follow the familiar rules of SQL. If you’re comfortable ... There are work-arounds for this size limit ... read more

SQLite 3 Beyond the Basics

SELECT is a standard SQL command and belongs in the Data Query Language (or ... SELECT * FROM NewUsers WHERE Age NOT BETWEEN 20 AND 30; LIMIT clause limits the number of results of a query to the ... read more

Range of records in Top clause

Thats it you are done. But in MSSQL there is no LIMIT and OFFSET function. Unfortunately there is no other in-build clause provided in MS SQL to do this.But the same feature can be achieved in MS SQL ... read more

How to limit results of a database query per group using SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL

Have you ever faced with a task when you needed to limit results of a SQL query per group ... When it appears before a subquery in a JOIN clause, it allows the subquery to reference columns gotten in ... read more

SQL Server: Advantages and Drawbacks of User-Defined Functions

Because UDFs are new in SQL Server 2000, there are many debates about when you ... Let's examine some of the limitations of UDFs that prevent them from being as effective as stored procedures. As we ... read more

MariaDB 10.2 CHECK and DEFAULT Clauses

In this blog post, we’ll look at the MariaDB 10.2 CHECK and DEFAULT clauses. MariaDB 10.2 includes ... MariaDB 10.2 removes this limitation, so DEFAULT can now accept most SQL expressions. For example ... read more

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