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Limitation of IN clause in SQL

Is there any limitation of the "IN" clause in SQL, e.g., it does not take more than 1,000 parameters as its input in parentheses? As far as I know, the SQL language itself has no limitation of this ty... read more

The OUTPUT Clause for the MERGE Statements

Some of the limitations that are listed out in Microsoft library: The OUTPUT clause is not supported in the following statements: ... read more

10 Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL

FROM is the first clause, not SELECT. The first thing that happens is ... Other variants include MySQL’s and PostgreSQL’s LIMIT .. OFFSET, or SQL Server’s and Sybase’s TOP .. START AT. A good overview ... read more

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Practical SQL: Subqueries in FROM and SELECT Clauses

(Unless otherwise noted, queries are run on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.) select title ... 42.95 (9 row(s) affected) Subqueries in HAVING clauses limit group result rows. If you are interested in the typ... read more

How to limit results of a database query per group using SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL

Have you ever faced with a task when you needed to limit results of a SQL query per group ... When it appears before a subquery in a JOIN clause, it allows the subquery to reference columns gotten in ... read more

Limits on number of tables in a FROM clause

In IBM's DB/2 for OS/390, their documentation lists 15 as the maximum number of tables in the FROM clause of a ... speak to DB/2's limitations nor can I speak to whether or not its documentation contr... read more

10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

You can also create ad-hoc, in-memory tables with the VALUES() constructor as such, in some databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, SQL Server): If that clause is not supported ... 1 -- Recursion FROM t ) SELECT ... read more

The OUTPUT Clause for UPDATE Statements

The OUTPUT clause was introduced in SQL Server 2005 version. The OUTPUT clause returns the values of each row that was affected by an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements. It even supports the MERGE st... read more

Advanced Use of the GROUP BY Clause in SQL

question 1 of 3 Consider the two tables listed below. The first one shows the Survey table populated with sample data. Which SQL statement will list the number of respondents by favorite food? SELECT ... read more

Top 30 SQL Interview Question and Answers

It is defined to set the limit of the result set by giving condition to the query. They filter some rows from the whole records. Some SQL CLAUSES are WHERE and HAVING. Collation is a collection of rul... read more

SQL Server: Advantages and Drawbacks of User-Defined Functions

Because UDFs are new in SQL Server 2000, there are many debates about when you ... Let's examine some of the limitations of UDFs that prevent them from being as effective as stored procedures. As we m... read more

Superset: benefits and limitations of the open source data visualization tool by Airbnb

As we have already mentioned the open source data visualization tool is written in ... t allow to use JOIN clause when building a slice so we have to create custom query inside visualization type clas... read more

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