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Letter: Garden Of Eden Desecrated Defiled - Latest News

LETTER: Garden of Eden desecrated, defiled

The majority of whale oil consumed in Europe in the late sixteenth century was from whales slain in Canada; specifically the Sea of Whales; today, the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This history is detailed in ... read more

GUEST VIEW: No matter your faith, we're Earth's caretakers

Genesis 2:15 emphasizes our responsibility to protect the integrity of the environment so that its diverse species, including humans, can thrive: "The human being was placed in the Garden of Eden to t... read more

Buhari’s elevation of ‘national interest’ above rule of law unheard of

It was, to me, a desecration of the dignity of man ... It was the violation of the rule of law in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve, when they ate of the forbidden fruit, that so upset God that he dr... read more

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My Path to Jewish Learning Runs through St. Agatha’s

I started reading them in both the New American Bible and the Apocrypha section of the invaluable Sefaria site, which had a smaller selection that included the 322 verse-long Letter of Aristeas ... fi... read more

Humanism As Revolution

The fate of institutions of knowledge, Greenblatt’s grim fable admonishes, is precarious: funding cuts by an overextended empire or attacks on science by evangelical politicians who imagine the garden ... read more

Israel Reading: Acharei-Mot Kedoshim

In the course of time the first letter was dropped, and the word “scapegoat ... That is what Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden after they had eaten the forbidden fruit. They were ashamed of their ... read more

Art For An Integral Ecology

What follows is the image itself, along with the artist’s own commentary – Mark Gordon In response to our Holy Father Pope Francis’s call to dialogue and action on climate change in his encyclical let... read more

'Nobody is the univocal spokesperson for the nation': Sugata Bose

It was not the students, Madam Speaker, but the black-coated stormtroopers associated with the ruling party defiled and desecrated the image ... polity or in its diaspora is the univocal spokesperson ... read more

25 Years Later, No Place for Their Sorrow

what has been dumped and defiled: jagged shards of broken soda and beer bottles litter the area, and lovers have scrawled their names on the big boulder. Across the road, someone has tossed a load of ... read more

Why did Aaron's sons die?

The sense of smell did not participate in the sin that exiled mankind from the Garden of Eden. It alone remained pure ... The Schechina descends because the sense of smell is pure and non-defiled. Thi... read more

A Dozen Bible Passages for Preaching a Creation-Care Sermon

In that text, God puts Adam (literally, “earthling”) into the garden to “till and keep it ... highly problematic and has been used to rationalize all manner of human desecration of the planet. But as ... read more

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