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Lack Of Rem Sleep Tied To Increased Risk Of Dementia - Latest News

Lack of REM sleep tied to increased risk of dementia

(Reuters Health) - People who spend less time in deep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep may be more likely to develop dementia than individuals who get better quality rest, a recent study suggests. Pati... read more

Lack of REM Sleep May Increase Dementia Risk

After adjusting for age and sex, researchers found that for every percent that REM sleep was reduced, there was a nine percent increase in the risk for all forms of dementia and an eight percent incre... read more

Lack of rapid eye movement sleep tied to risk of dementia

The study, published in the latest online issue of Neurology, found that for every percent that REM sleep was reduced in an elderly person, there was a nine-fold increase in the risk of them developin... read more

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Less REM sleep is tied to greater risk of dementia

New study finds dementia in the elderly can be predicted by measuring REM sleep For every per cent that REM sleep is reduced in an elderly person there is a nine-fold increase in the risk of developin... read more

Poor sleep habits of our politicians revealed

Margaret Thatcher survived on just four hours of sleep but died of dementia. Is there a link? Picture: Getty While we sleep our body shifts between deep sleep and Rapid Eye Movement sleep ... sleep ha... read more

It's time to wake up to the fact that a general lack of sleep is severely and negatively affecting all of us

It can lower our immune systems, cause anxiety, depression and other long-term mood disorders, raise our blood pressure, cause inflammation, increase cancer risk ... of human sleep (REM and ... read more

Why Lack of Sleep Might Be Good and Bad for You

But new research indicates that sleep deprivation could have some benefits, such as treating depression. So, what’s the story—does lack ... REM sleep was linked to a 9 percent increase in dementia and ... read more

Sleep Disorders Tied to Cognitive Issues in Those At High Risk for Alzheimer’s

“Given the lack of effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, our results support the potential for sleep-disordered breathing screening and treatment as part of a strategy to reduce dementia risk.” read more

Why Dreaming May Be Important for Your Health

Doctors have warned for years that Americans are not getting enough sleep, with health consequences ranging from drowsy driving and irritability to an increased risk of dementia ... people who spent m... read more

Poor sleep linked to buildup of dangerous plaques throughout body, study says

The increase of plaque, called atherosclerosis, in your extremities puts you at increased risk for strokes ... as people who were deprived of sleep for two full nights. A chronic lack of sleep is also ... read more

Lack of REM sleep may lead to higher risk for dementia

They were then followed for an average of 12 years to determine their risk of developing dementia. Upon follow-up, the researchers found that each percentage reduction in REM sleep was associated with ... read more

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