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Key Differences Between Sql Cast Vs Convert Functions - Latest News

A Simple Introduction to Dynamic SQL

As the name suggests, Dynamic SQL allows you to write SQL code dynamically ... For the differences between CAST and CONVERT h... read more

Basics for working with DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME in SQL Server 2005

For example, the following SELECT statement uses the CAST function ... convert date/time values, retrieve specific information from those values and calculate the differences between values. I'll even ... read more

Delegates vs. Interfaces in .NET

You've almost certainly written at least one callback function ... One key difference between delegates and interfaces is that you can create a delegate to any method with the right prototype. However ... read more

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Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, but We Got It From Here

Let's revisit this in the context of the core differences of a NoSQL system. MemSQL has knobs that let you tune how much you want to trade off between consistency ... supports all of the common ANSI S... read more

Top Tutorials To Learn PostgreSQL Database For Beginners

The unique advantage of this course is that in addition to learning SQL you will also master the concepts of Database Design. It will cover off topics such as: - OLAP vs OLTP databases ... We will als... read more

An Introduction to Working with Large Objects in Oracle SQL

The primary difference between ... PL/SQL doesn’t provide any capabilities for viewing images or playing music, it’s mainly used to perform server-side processing that can be called by a client-side a... read more

Cardinality Estimator – What’s new in SQL Server 2014

In this article, we will see in detail some major differences between the two CEs and some cases in which one must be careful with using the new CE. How to activate and deactivate the new CE Having in... read more

Data Types in MySQL

To convert it to an integer, add zero or use CAST ... difference between binary and non-binary strings with regard to lettercase. Create a binary string and a non-binary string that has a binary colla... read more

DIY Cast AR-15 Receivers Are More Interesting Than Expected

They sell a product that enables the home user to cast an AR-15 receiver out of high performance resin. In the process they made a really informative three part video on the casting process. A lot of ... read more

Codable vs ObjectMapper

In this example we’ve decided the app can function without these email addresses so the emails are optional. map.values("emails") throws an error if they key isn’t present or it cannot be cast to ... ... read more

Data Encryption and Decryption With Oracle

Below, you can see the differences between these packages. DBMS_CRYPTO supports many encryption and hashing algorithms. You can easily identify the algorithms you need, encrypt or decrypt your data, o... read more

SQL Server encryption vs. hashing for data security

Choosing between ata encryption and data hashing is a fairly new concept for the SQL Server database ... be using a symmetric key or asymmetric key. Without delving too deeply into the key structures, ... read more

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