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Key Differences Between Sql Cast Vs Convert Functions - Latest News

Key differences between SQL CAST vs. CONVERT functions

one type to another. In many cases there will be a need within a stored procedure or other routine to convert data from, say, a datetime type to a varchar type; CONVERTand CASTare used for such things ... read more

A Simple Introduction to Dynamic SQL

As the name suggests, Dynamic SQL allows you to write SQL code dynamically ... For the differences between CAST and CONVERT h... read more

Delegates vs. Interfaces in .NET

You've almost certainly written at least one callback function ... One key difference between delegates and interfaces is that you can create a delegate to any method with the right prototype. However ... read more

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Top Tutorials To Learn PostgreSQL Database For Beginners

The unique advantage of this course is that in addition to learning SQL you will also master the concepts of Database Design. It will cover off topics such as: - OLAP vs OLTP databases ... We will als... read more

NVARCHAR vs VARCHAR in SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 behavior differs from previous versions of SQL Server when queries that involve comparisons between columns and constants with different data types are run. You can expect results and ... read more

Key differences between Python 2 and 3: How to navigate change

Any assignment to a variable or function call is a statement ... When comparing benchmarks between the two versions, the differences are almost negligible. You may encounter an error here and there if ... read more

Crazy Translations of Simple SQL Expressions to Various SQL Dialects

Now, datetime arithmetics is probably the least cross-vendor compatible area in SQL. You can only lose if you do not use a well integration-tested tool like jOOQ to abstract these functions. Here’s wh... read more

Cardinality Estimator – What’s new in SQL Server 2014

In this article, we will see in detail some major differences between the two CEs and some cases in which one must be careful with using the new CE. How to activate and deactivate the new CE Having in... read more

Codable vs ObjectMapper

In this example we’ve decided the app can function without these email addresses so the emails are optional. map.values("emails") throws an error if they key isn’t present or it cannot be cast to ... ... read more

Data Encryption and Decryption With Oracle

DBMS_CRYPTO has more and more features than DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT because it is more up-to-date. Below, you can see the differences between these packages. DBMS_CRYPTO supports many encryption and ... read more

Beyond the RDBMS: Data warehouse vs. data lake vs. data mart

This leads to the data warehouse vs. data lake question -- when to use which one and how each compares to data marts, operational data stores and relational databases. All of these data repositories h... read more

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