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Kavanaugh Boomerang 1: Fanatical Dems Finally Have Unified The Gop Behind Trump - Latest News

Kavanaugh boomerang #1: Fanatical Dems finally have unified the GOP behind Trump

See also: Kavanaugh boomerang #2: Fanatical Dems will drive away voters with over-the-top reaction from now to Nov. 6 The Democrats have not merely overplayed their hand in opposing the nomination of ... read more

Partisan Bias, Motivated Reasoning, and the Debate Over the Kavanaugh Nomination

Conservatives Republicans who like ... but have significant reservations on his views on executive power. It is not clear to me whether I would be happier (on jurisprudential grounds alone) with him o... read more

The Hate-America Death Squad

Actually, most members of the media have never met Donald Trump ... “Republican” and he became Enemy #1 to all those formerly slavering toadies. That same media complex is massive and unrelenting, bot... read more

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The Frustration of Arguing with Christians

If it was God, why did it take two weeks—shouldn’t you have heard the phone ringing with the job offer right after you said ‘Amen’? Maybe it was all the work you put into the job search that finally p... read more

The world almost had free energy

It took Joseph Newman 14 years to perfect his unified mechanical field theory ... Tesla predicted that whoever came up with a mechanical explanation of electricity would have the greatest invention of ... read more

What's the Future of the American Dream?

We're asking our guests and our viewers what is their vision for the future of the American Dream — and how we can achieve those visions. View a sample below and then tell us your vision for the futur... read more

Swetnick Shifts Story About Kavanaugh at Rape Parties as Texts and Brawls Cast Doubt on the Judge's Own Claims: Reason Roundup

Testifying before Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 25, Kavanaugh said he was "probably" at a wedding also attended by Ramirez but "doesn't have a specific ... take eff... read more

Biden: Iraq plan would keep America safer

"This week, America found out what I have been saying for over a year is true ... That is the only way, short of a sea change among Republicans in Congress, to force the President to draw down troops ... read more

Space mission first to observe key interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and Sun

The MMS mission has revealed the clearest picture yet of the process of magnetic reconnection between the magnetic fields of Earth and the sun -- a driving force behind space weather ... that come fro... read more

Shorten must break the union stranglehold

But in the case of Senator-elect Joe Bullock, who cruelly ridiculed his running mate and called all Labor members crazy, this may well have been the last straw for Western Australian Labor supporters ... read more

Mystical Arguments I Think are Rubbish

But whenever gun violence breaks out, this beloved trope is right behind, talking as though the very idea of ... media–some sensible way of making it much harder for lunatics to have easy access to th... read more

Government School Daze

Across the Nation, government-run schools have become war zones. Despite establishing “gun ... it represented an opportunity for a better life than the one they left behind. Yet the flag of their adop... read more

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