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Couchbase to Deliver Parallel JSON Analytics — Without the ETL

Couchbase yesterday unveiled a JSON-native analytics engine it claims will let users ... podging three different open source projects together. That’s not the case here….This is some serious stuff tha... read more

Custom Grammar to Query JSON With Antlr

Let’s take this tool for a spin and create a custom grammar to query JSON. Our end goal is to be able to write queries like the one shown below: You can browse the complete set of rules here. read more

12 ways Alexa is getting smarter

Here’s a quick rundown of features you might ... Visual APL skills can be created with JSON and include text, audio, video, and HTML 5. The APL is available today in preview. read more

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Couchbase Announces First Commercial Implementation of SQL++ with N1QL for Analytics

And today, it’s here.” --Mike Carey, Bren Professor, UC Irvine “We started the journey to develop a SQL for JSON some four years ago. Our mission was to not develop yet another query language, but pre... read more

How the Windows Team @dailymotion does its HTTP query on its GraphQL API — Part I setup & query

Once we have loaded and read the json text file, we will need to create a wrapper that will hold the GraphQL query. Here is the class of the wrapper: Now we need to send our query. We will start ... read more

W3C: XML is everywhere

According to W3C’s Quin, XML can work with JSON, linked data ... But, how did we get here? The W3C created the Web Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) Working Group to create an SGML ... read more

Bootiful GCP: To Production!

The process is explained here. The gist is that you will need to ... First, consider the following: The result of this process should be a .json file, gcp-service-app.json, on your local machine. read more

Istio 101: “The future of the service mesh is one which operates in symbiosis with technologies like Knative and Apache Whisk”

Istio is gaining a lot of attention especially now that 1.0 is here. But does it have what it takes to become ... some of the groundwork has already been laid through support for JSON Web Tokens and s... read more

How to Use PowerShell to Work with JSON Data

These commands allow you to quickly work with REST APIs or any other service that returns or accepts JSON as an input. Here's how these two commands can be used to work with JSON. Let's first start ou... read more

The Definitive Voting Guide For EOS Block Producers

A list of BP.json files for active block producers can be found here. Finally, we encourage other ecosystem participants to create similar rubrics to ours in order to allow others to leverage high-qua... read more

Top 5 Reasons Why APIs Lead to Blockages in B2B Operations

Here are discussed 5 reasons for this ... A huge number of risks can make RESTful APIs using JSON/ HTTP protocols vulnerable. Dynamic nature of APIs further expands the surface area of attack. This pr... read more

Firebase Realtime Database Many to Many Relationship Schema

But how do we translate the SQL design schema into the Firebase Realtime Database JSON tree ... model because of its nested nature. Here are the cons when using this pattern: When we query ... read more

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