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Jj Abrams Top Secret Trailer For Cloverfield In Front Of Transformers!! - Latest News

J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer for Cloverfield in Front of Transformers!!

Otherwise (which I suggest this is what you do), skip reading this until after you see Transformers, which this trailer will play in front of ... Apparently this is a top secret project called ... read more

Dude, J.J. Abrams Made a Secret Sequel to 'Cloverfield'

The Force Awakens), pulled off the unthinkable by dropping the trailer for a top secret movie in front of Transformers. In the modern age, people who want to be in the know can stay in the know. ... read more

Buzzkill – Why today’s big ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ rumors are complete nonsense

When JJ Abrams ... “Cloverfield” with Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard, they had the bold idea to shoot a top secret teaser trailer for the film before they even started production on the film. The plan ... read more

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J.J. Abrams says 'Super 8' has nothing to do with 'Cloverfield'

Image Credit: Michael Kovac/WireImage.comYesterday, J.J. Abrams told New York Magazine that his new project, Super 8, is not a Cloverfield ... when the Super 8 trailer debuts in front of Iron Man 2 ... read more

What the heck is Cloverfield?

Forget all the talk of Indiana Jones IV, or Transformers, what has really been lighting up the geekily gossip-ridden sites on the ‘net these past few days has been word on a new, top-secret film ... read more

JJ Abrams Talks Super 8

Sorry Cloverfield fans, it looks like your hopes for a prequel/sequel/ biopic of the creature are being thwarted by mean ol’ JJ Abrams. According to the man himself, his new secret project ... when ... read more

JJ Abrams Top Secret Cloverfield Movie Trailer Attached to Transformers

We saw a screening of Transformers last night, but we weren’t lucky enough to see what people are now referring to as the trailer to JJ Abrams Top Secret Movie titled Cloverfield. Our friends at ... read more

What's the Deal with JJ Abrams' Cloverfield Trailer?

Paramount Pictures has lifted the lid on a top-secret movie project, by showing the teaser trailer for Cloverfield, before all screenings of Transformers ... is being produced by J.J. Abrams. It is ... read more

Cloverfield 2 Trailer: JJ Abrams' Secret New Project Looks Great

J.J. Abrams ... his greatest secret is his latest effort as a producer, which looks to be a sequel to one of his most successful movies in that capacity. Prepare yourself for a harrowing visit to 10 ... read more

JJ Abrams’ secret movie trailer playing before Iron Man

leans over to kiss him on top of the head* Says HitFix, who broke the news: What if I told you JJ Abrams ... teaser trailer he directed, much like the teaser trailer that announced “Cloverfield” to an ... read more

Watch: Trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Secret ‘Cloverfield’ Follow-Up

After surprising audiences with numerous cinematic twists over the years, Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams ... in “Cloverfield’s” footsteps (Paramount released a surprise trailer for the ... read more

Thousands Flock to web to solve JJ Abrams Transformers Trailer Mystery

The trailer attached to Transformers is for a top secret JJ Abrams produced monster ... hunt will come out calling the movie either “Cloverfield” (the film’s working production title) or “The JJ ... read more

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