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I’ve got varicose veins. What can I do about them?

Varicose veins is a term commonly used to describe visible leg veins. But true varicose veins are dilated and very prominent. Small varicose veins may not be a problem, but as varicose veins worsen th... read more

‘I quite like self-help manuals – as long as I don’t have to read them’

Many of the titles seem to assume there are legions of us wandering around in a shadowy vale of varicose veins, baggy bladders and deep regret ... (Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never read anyth... read more

A doctor in a different vein

It’s a procedure he said can benefit a patient’s general health and quality of life, since both varicose ... them who’ve developed problems in their veins. Speaking of the recovery time, Hayes said “I ... read more

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LIZ JONES: I've got spider veins, crows' feet and a dimpled old lady bottom... what I need now is a miracle!

They were then cauterised with a hot needle, which sort of worked, but resulted in them becoming, for ever, a series of brown dots instead. Broken veins have several causes: they can be genetic (my mu... read more

Vein pain no walk in the park; Chetek woman finds relief

Then varicose veins began ... flowing up the vein. “The veins in our legs have one-way valves in them that are supposed to prevent blood from going back down the leg,” Berkseth says. “Over time, the l... read more

Steps against varicose veins

"I've also seen how happy those changes can make them." Leoni wanted to do something smaller ... she didn't have time to worry about the veins. Yet the purple traces only got darker and longer with ti... read more

How to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy

If you stand for long periods of time or are carrying multiples, you’re more likely to get them. Varicose veins usually resolve three to six months after giving birth, but there are things you can do ... read more

Love Essentially: 50 things I've learned about love in my 50 years

screaming and fighting the milestone with all I've got, I did manage to find an aspect of the number that is somewhat appealing. With all the physical drawbacks of the big 5-0 – impaired vision and he... read more

Why I Killed My Standing Desk, and What I Do Instead

I stood solid for about an hour before my legs got ... you do it for a prolonged period of time. Sure you may burn a few more calories but standing for long stretches can lead to things like poor valv... read more

I switched to a Casper adjustable bed frame — and it relieved both my swollen legs and nighttime indigestion

Kicking your feet up at the end of the day can also provide relief from aches related to varicose veins and can help you avert blood ... means I need all the extra space I can get, so I've long used m... read more

Column: Women over 50 have radiance in abundance

Like me, I think most women over 50 have insecurities about aging, especially when it comes to two things: the physical drawbacks that go along with getting older (think muffin top, varicose veins ... ... read more

Tips For The Body-conscious On Capri Pants, Saggy Chins, Spider Veins

Wear them with a jacket or a nice little twin set, so you still look professional and polished." Q--Is there anything you can do about a sagging chin? I've ... leg veins," she says. "It works best on ... read more

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