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It Takes a Village Atheist

One of my earliest memories is no more than a command: “Smile.” The directive was delivered by my father, standing over me in a church pew, definitely not smiling. I wasn’t so much a morose kid as a d... read more

It Takes A Village Idiot To Vote For Hillary

In their journey from the “hyper-Calvinism of their early days,” to “their present atheism,” Yankees like Hillary have ... Just as Hillary’s collectivist creed, “It Takes A Village,” complements Barac... read more

It takes a village, and guidelines

Unfortunately these are matters which often shake out in a winner-take-all fashion. If you don’t make your voice heard, you may be forgotten. If I ding the reputation of the medical profession a bit b... read more

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The Last Atheist Will Get Good Care from A Chinese Christian

If things continue as they are, the last Swedish atheist will get good medical care from Christian ... left-wing secularism (It takes a village!), and strongman rule. Most of the world says “no.” Norm... read more

Guideparents: The atheist answer to godparents

I am an atheist. No, I wasn't born this way ... However, if that day ever comes, I'd really like to choose guideparents. It takes a village to raise a kid. Surrounding children with as many loving rol... read more

Review: Spotlight’s revealing story of child abuse in my home town – and maybe yours

Compare that with our own journalists, particularly the award-winning Joanne McCarthy, who spent years uncovering Catholic clerical sexual abuse in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese and who was raised Ca... read more

My Take: Is Arizona shooting an individual or shared sin?

It takes a village to make a killer. On this debate, I am with Niebuhr and the Hebrew prophets, rather than with Brooks or, for that matter, with Rush Limbaugh, who decried the liberal media for "accu... read more

It Takes a Village: One Woman's Decision to Crowdfund her Maternity Leave

It would be such a blessing for us to take time to bond and to rest and to gain traction with breastfeeding before returning to work. Would you consider doing something like that for us? Thanks for be... read more

Middle School Gives Students Birth Control Pill

After all, in this twilight zone where it takes a village to raise a child, only the state knows the confidential fact that the little girl is having sex and taking pills. The good news is that other ... read more

Adventures in world building: Welcome to Rilao

To create a world, it takes a village — of scientists, artists and more. As in the film Minority Report, where the “precogs” predict the probable future, designing narrative world building is precogni... read more

Surviving the Academic Job Market: Two Baylor History Success Stories

Indeed, if I could sum up the most important gleanings from our conversation: (1) it takes a village to get a job. The job market shouldn’t be faced by academic loners. You need a community–friends an... read more

Deciding whether or not to help a crying child is complicated in Japan

Japan has a proverb: "Kodomo ha chiiki de sodateru." Literally translating as “Kids are raised by the region,” the meaning is akin to English’s “It takes a village to raise a child.” However, increasi... read more

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