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It Takes a Village Atheist

One of my earliest memories is no more than a command: “Smile.” The directive was delivered by my father, standing over me in a church pew, definitely not smiling. I wasn’t so much a morose kid as a d... read more

It Takes A Village – UPDATED.

My fellow bloggers here at Patheos have done a fantastic job highlighting the various problems surrounding the news of the Home (a house for unwed mothers and children) in Ireland, where the bodies of ... read more

It takes a village, and guidelines

Unfortunately these are matters which often shake out in a winner-take-all fashion. If you don’t make your voice heard, you may be forgotten. If I ding the reputation of the medical profession a bit b... read more

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It Takes A Village Idiot To Vote For Hillary

In their journey from the “hyper-Calvinism of their early days,” to “their present atheism,” Yankees like Hillary have ... Just as Hillary’s collectivist creed, “It Takes A Village,” complements Barac... read more

Guideparents: The atheist answer to godparents

I am an atheist. No, I wasn't born this way ... However, if that day ever comes, I'd really like to choose guideparents. It takes a village to raise a kid. Surrounding children with as many loving rol... read more

It Takes An African-American Village: Raising the Next Generation of STEAM Professionals.

( We’re all familiar with the popular proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a 21st century society, this still holds true, literally and figuratively. For non-millennials, ... read more

Ongstad: Take it from me, breastfeeding in public is not easy

I do. I just tell myself, this is natural, this is the law, our community is far more supportive than that. Being a parent is hard. We are all doing the best we can. It takes a village. Let's be a vil... read more

My Take: Is Arizona shooting an individual or shared sin?

It takes a village to make a killer. On this debate, I am with Niebuhr and the Hebrew prophets, rather than with Brooks or, for that matter, with Rush Limbaugh, who decried the liberal media for "accu... read more

Atheist, 82, hurls 5ft crucifix into duck pond after church plants it on village green

The village has a population of around 140 residents and 44 responded to the e-mail. While six people said they did object to the cross's position on the green, 21 residents said they did not. When a ... read more

The Last Atheist Will Get Good Care from A Chinese Christian

If things continue as they are, the last Swedish atheist will get good medical care from Christian ... left-wing secularism (It takes a village!), and strongman rule. Most of the world says “no.” Norm... read more


Now it’s time for America’s atheists, kooks, and killjoys to train their guns on Christmas. Consider them a special breed of Elves that take toys away instead of ... Threatened with an atheist lawsuit ... read more

The legacy of the Romanovs: how is the last Russian royal family remembered in Russia?

In the new socialist state, religious faith and practice, or any nostalgia or veneration of the Romanovs, was forced underground by the ruling Communist Party’s favoured policy of “state atheism ... g... read more

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