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It Does Little Good For Lgbtq Students To Fight Discrimination At Christian Colleges - Latest News

‘Fairness For All’: Smart Politics, Or A Sellout?

Excerpts: What does this have to do with religious liberty? It is not as if there is widespread discrimination against LGBT people in public ... participate in gay weddings. Christian colleges would b... read more

Building life around loss, Judy and Dennis Shepard continue to fight 20 years after their son's murder

Shepard had then, and still does, little patience with ... it seemed that there was a good path forward, that maybe the foundation had done its part. The election changed that. Information on LGBTQ is... read more

Sexual predation isn't just a Hollywood problem — and men need to do something about it

The ages between 19 and 32 and the years since have been rife with forms of sexual harassment, including from students in my public school classroom ... they need to take a good long look in the mirro... read more

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What to Do When Your President No Longer Has the Stomach for You

Perhaps mainly prioritizing capital stock hoarded by the Barons of Finance Capital over the flow of income going to the 99% being spent in the economy was not a good ... does one do when even NY AG Er... read more

Students stand up to anti-gay bullies

"I think my school district does a pretty good job," said Puffer ... He founded the first National Gay Student Center in 1971 and has helped LGBT students across the country set up GSA clubs. "We're i... read more

The Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision Leaves Almost All the Big Questions Unresolved

Do bakers have a First Amendment right ... Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor disagreed that such discrimination against the religious was showin this particular case). But it is a basis that will have l... read more

“God’s Not Dead” Movie Review

You know Chick tracts, those small Christian ... little Goliath had prayed to God to cure his mother’s cancer. God didn’t, and he’s held a grudge ever since. So, it turns out that Goliath actually doe... read more

Longer school day coming for thousands of students

And this initiative is a huge opportunity to do that," Duncan said on Monday. Don't expect most students to be thrilled by the prospect of longer days in their school buildings. "We just want to get o... read more

Secularism is on the rise as more and more adults abandon church

This poll does little to shock me as, just as the poll shows ... the churchless are still largely comprised of de-churched adults. Secularism is on the rise, marriage equality has almost overnight swe... read more

Fewer babies today, a better world tomorrow

("Are our low birthrates and aging population threatening the economy?," Op-Ed, Nov. 12) They do not mention that a growing population means increased resource consumption. As easily accessible resour... read more

Opinion: Why I support Mississippi's 'personhood' amendment

By Dr. Freda Bush, Special to CNN (CNN) - As a Christian ... Amendment 26 is good for humanity. It causes us to rise to another level where we value and treat each other as equals. It does not pit the ... read more

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