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Is Your Hair Getting Thinner As You Age It Might Be Time To Embrace It - Latest News

Feeling Halloween chills? Spooky shivers? That frisson or 'skin orgasm' is all in your brain

The couple on-screen clutch and embrace ... or hair standing on end is usually a response to something surprising or unexpected. So the reaction to that unexpected sound prepares you to respond to som... read more

Steal Tom Hardy's Beard Style, Even If You Hated Venom

Adjust your fade. Sure, it's nice to settle into a "look." To get your ... it’s right on time, but no pill or transplant or gene pool is going to stop your hair from thinning as you age. OK, second th... read more

How Your Hair Health Changes in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond

As women get ... hair health through the decades. Hair loss Given that hair loss may be the most alarming change you're noticing as you age, we're going to start there. First, it's important to realiz... read more

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18 Bad Habits That Are Thinning Your Hair

African Americans may need ... Even if you never get to that point, just twirling your hair can lead to breakage. Find out what your compulsive habits—like hair-twirling and nail-biting—really mean. I... read more

The dentistry secrets that might make you rethink fillers

If you’ve even thought about having injectables, a trip to your dentist first might change ... damage over time.” So what do veneers have on the likes of plumping lip treatments? “Our teeth, like our ... read more

Is Technology Harming Kids' Eyes and Ears?

New research also suggests that blue light—emitted by smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs—might, over time, damage the retina, the thin ... the tiny hair cells that line the inner ear, often irre... read more

Black hair in Hollywood: five women share their stories

From the time black ... saying ‘Girl, you’re on TV. Why don’t you get your hair done? And I was like, ‘This is the way God did my hair.’ ” As a mixed-race woman, the “black-ish” star acknowledges that ... read more

Why You Have Adult Acne, and How to Get Rid of It

Finally, the sheer number of products women pile on may be to blame for “pomade acne,” so named for pimple-causing hair ointments but now used ... just not in any format you’d want to put on your face ... read more

Halloween costumes are about dressing as someone else. I decided to go as my own fears instead.

I began pre-worrying about how I might ... To get a real hug and not hurt the person on the other end. In 2017, I needed to be obtrusive. Before 2017, I didn’t know that anger could be subcutaneous — ... read more

The weirdness of menopause is more than a reminder of my own mortality

(I don’t think I have to embrace caftans yet. That still seems years in the offing.) Plus, I’ve had it easy overall. I rarely get hot flashes, my thick, curly hair has retained ... way that only your ... read more

Is it safe to dye and colour your hair?

I think it’s a fabulous concept – the more attractive your hair colour is, the better your features look and are accentuated and highlighted in that way. Don’t you agree ... “I really don’t get the ti... read more

If You Have Bumps on Your Neck, Here’s What It Could Mean

“Skin cancers may bleed, itch, or cause pain, and they tend to change with time,” Dr. Fromowitz says. What to do: See your doctor for an annual full-body skin check—and schedule a visit if you ... sho... read more

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