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Is Your Hair Getting Thinner As You Age It Might Be Time To Embrace It - Latest News

Is your hair getting thinner as you age? It might be time to embrace it

Sometimes thinning hair is a symptom of something serious -- but sometimes it's just a normal part of getting older. Except for a few remarkable months at the end of various pregnancies, I’ve always h... read more

From smoking to stress and your diet…why your hair is thinning – and how to stop bald patches

The first thing to understand is that losing your hair isn't the same as going bald. As you age it's inevitable your ... to the scalp then the hair is getting less nutrients than it needs and may star... read more

7 Things That Happen To Your Body After You Turn 30

But now that the dreaded three-O is just around the corner, we’re worried we’re running out of time (and eggs). And, well, it might be justified ... even eyebrows are affected! As you age, not only ca... read more

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I Am More Than My Hair: What Does it Mean for a Man or a Woman to Lose Their Hair

He began losing his hair in his early 30s. After some years of trying to comb it this way and that, he finally decided to shave it all off and take on the bald-guy look. I think it suits him well. But ... read more

Money Saving Tips To Get Filthy Rich In Your Thirties

All of these factors still allude to one overbearing query: How can a man get ahead financially during this decade? The money pile doesn’t need to run thin just because your hair ... age and quality o... read more

Preventative Botox in Your 20s is Real—But It Could Be Aging You

"Lines get deeper and deeper with age ... appear thinner and looser. Moreover, as your muscles become weaker, they can start to recruit surrounding muscles when you make facial expressions. "If one st... read more

Best products for hair growth

I’ve always been your classic case of the ‘always want what you can’t have’ type. Growing up with incredibly thick, dark, curly hair, my natural desire was to have blonde, polka straight, thin ... get ... read more

‘My death is not my own’: the limits of legal euthanasia

That might have been somewhat naive. For some time, Janny and Joop ... just chop-chop.” “Are you sure?” her husband asks. “Yes.” On screen, Hannie Goudriaan is a woman of advanced age with thin, short ... read more

The Ultra-Pure, Super-Secret Sand That Makes Your Phone Possible

“I hope we don’t get arrested,” he says. “Someone might get the ... through here. You’d never know it.” In the 21st century, sand has become more important than ever, and in more ways than ever. This ... read more

Desiree Akhavan: ‘The only mainstream queer female stories have been directed by men – it disgusts me’

Her hair is shaggy and rockstar-esque, her red lipstick sharp. Slim gold chains dangle from her neck. She looks like she belongs. This might seem ... the late bloomer. Time proves you wrong, and somet... read more

Is it safe to dye and colour your hair?

I think it’s a fabulous concept – the more attractive your hair colour is, the better your features look and are accentuated and highlighted in that way. Don’t you agree ... “I really don’t get the ti... read more

Why Time Feels Like It’s Flying By (and How To Slow It Down)

There are different theories about why our perception of time changes as we age ... so that you can get out of autopilot and change your perception of time. Based on my own experience, I can attest th... read more

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