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Is There Any Validity to Astrology?

I've been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember, and I loved reading my horoscope in the newspaper as a child. When I was a psychology student, learning about personality theories, I ... read more

How You Like To Spend Your Personal Time, By Zodiac Sign

RELATED: Which Hobby You'll Like Most, By Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology I mean, we’re all so busy all the time that having any kind of downtime feels like ... We’re so conditioned to feel like being busy ... read more

Financial Astrology For The Sucessful Investor And Trader

Past performance does not ensure future results, and there is no assurance that any of the Astrologers Fund's recommendations achieve their investment objectives. The Astrologers Fund Inc. makes no ... read more

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Astrology, Horoscopes

Does Judaism believe in astrology? Is there any validity to it or is it just pagan nonsense – some of which made its way into Jewish teachings? Along the same lines, is there anything wrong with ... read more

The Astrologers Who Try to Solve Murders Using Birth Charts

"As a scientist, there's absolutely no scientific evidence for astrology or astronomy, so that's not something I would give any credence to at all," she says. Is there any validity to the whole "Virgo ... read more

Astrology’s as good as any economic theory

In fact, there’s no reason to have theory in economics at all. And by the way, sprinkling numbers all over your theories does not make them any more valid. Here’s a suggestion: instead of theoretical ... read more

Don’t Trust the Stars

Maria Konnikova is back to call bullshit on astrology. She walks us through its origins in ancient Chaldea, its popularity among history’s scientists and philosophers, and the present day—where real ... read more

Why astrology is turning to millennials

All the accurate information is 100% valid, but all the wrong bits ... little logic to back up the claims made by astrology. Not that the article in question will have any truck with that. Apparently ... read more

The Voynich manuscript, a famously mysterious medieval text, has been decoded. Or has it?

Cheshire was left with a text that was “not in any identifiable language. It’s gibberish,” she said. Cheshire then theorized that what he was looking at was a proto-Romance language. But Davis said, ... read more

Which Zodiac Sign Couples Have The Most Adorable Children

When it’s for the latter, however, there’s quite a bit to consider with respect ... Babies at least have a valid excuse to cry at any time, while it seems like you have to write in emotional sessions ... read more

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