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Is It Curtains For Hollywoods Bail Bondsmen And Bounty Hunters - Latest News

14 Odd Jobs That Pay Insanely Well

According to, an online resource for bail bondsmen and recovery agents, some bounty hunters might get ... to acting in Hollywood, to singing in a coffeehouse, to dancing ... read more

Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ Fact or Fiction: Mandingo Fighting, Bounty Hunters, and More

Taintor expanded the roles of bail bondsmen and bounty hunters), Tarantino had freedom to collage Spaghetti Westerns, specifically the works of original Django director Sergio Corbucci, with iconograp... read more

Elmore Leonard, American Author, Dead at 87

Elmore Leonard, the crime and western author called "the closest ... in gray areas that block them from full membership in Team Good or Team Bad—bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, ex-cons trying to make g... read more

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Lawbreaker or hero?

What's a bounty hunter? Bounty hunters typically track those charged with crimes who go on the lam, thus putting their bail bondsman's money at risk ... Before making friends in Hollywood, he mingled ... read more

Above the law: US bounty hunters

The career has been glamorised in Hollywood films ... him into Judge Levi's court - my first bounty." While the Luster chase was an independent initiative, bounty hunters are generally called in by ba... read more

Bail agents bust old image: The job is really a bore

The senior vice president of H&H Bail Bonds, one of the nation's largest agencies of its ... Bail agents make a point of distinguishing themselves from bounty hunters, known as "fugitive recovery agen... read more

Bounty hunters condemn tactics used to capture Andrew Luster

"He represents all of the things that bail agents are trying to get away from ... but it wasn't clear if Chapman qualifies. Despite Hollywood's guns-and-fists image, professional bounty hunters say th... read more

Making tracks: All in the frill of the chase

You also need to do a bail bonds pre-licensing class so you can understand some of the bail law and you have to have your firearm permit and training for a Taser.’ Bounty hunters fall under ... dead i... read more

Real life ‘Catcher in the Rye’

Fausto Atilano is a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter. But whereas all other bounty hunters focus solely on getting their ... that TV has come calling with the idea of a reality show. Will Hollywood c... read more

Mom By Day, Bounty Hunter By Night

Scott has the authority to arrest, an authority given to her by bail bondsmen who have custody of suspects they ... There are an estimated 1,200 bounty hunters in the United States. Not many are women ... read more

Fugitive Max Factor heir captured in Mexico

Luster was spotted Tuesday night in a nightclub by Chapman, a Honolulu-based bounty hunter, said Beth Smith, an executive assistant at Duane Chapman's Bail Bonds. Smith also said ... in the 1920s that ... read more

The bail bond queen and a controversial US industry

Her company, Empire Bail Bonds, is the largest in New York state that helps ... So if they do a runner, she sends her bounty hunters -- Hollywood, Mr T and Jizo -- to haul them back into jail. She lov... read more

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