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Investigating the Effect of the Environment on Prey Detection Ability in Humans

Visual search experiments used in the field of psychology may be applied to investigate the relationship between environments and prey detection rates that could influence hunting behaviours in ... read more

Virtual reality used to understand how changes in environment affected prehistoric hunting

Researchers from Bournemouth University have used virtual reality to investigate the effects of changing ... The research also found that, as an environment transitions, there may be little change in ... read more

Searching for sawfish following the clues of environmental DNA

Environmental DNA ... to both the animals and humans. eDNA analysis, on the other hand, enables researchers to obtain similar results covering a much greater area faster with fewer people. “This gives ... read more

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Polymorphisms and prey pigmentation: can you really use human “predators” to investigate the evolution of camouflage?

Among the many strategies that prey species ... was similar to the effect of colour pattern on the ability of humans to detect and capture free-ranging live grasshoppers in their natural environment. ... read more

Scientists 'tame' some disruptive environmental effects on quantum computers

A team of scientists, led by Professor Winfried Hensinger at the University of Sussex, have made a major breakthrough concerning one of the biggest problems facing quantum computing: how to reduce the ... read more

How does early life affect the adult brain?

The visual environment that zebrafish grew up in affected their spontaneous brain activity and, in turn, affected their behavior and ability to catch prey, suggests new ... "How does early life affect ... read more

Effect of environmental noise and music on dexmedetomidine-induced sedation in dogs

A mixed model for crossover design was used to determine the effect of noise exposure and time on either ... Dogs were then individually brought to the testing arena and allowed to investigate, ... read more

Investigating Community Food Webs: The Ecological Importance of Spiders

Golden Jumping spider with prey. CC-BY-2.0. Pavel Kirillov Spiders also indirectly benefit humans by consuming agricultural pests ... and Boatman, N. D. 1999. The effects of different rates of the ... read more

A Closer Look at the Ebola Epidemic in the Context of Ecological Health

Routine surveillance of animals may also directly benefit both wildlife conservation efforts and human health by providing sentinels for diseases of harm to humans. Detection ... sectors to ... read more

Traffic noise reduces foraging efficiency in wild owls

Owls are widespread nocturnal top predators and use prey rustling sounds for localizing prey when hunting. We conducted field experiments to examine the effect of traffic noise on owls’ ability to ... ... read more

Fish get tired faster, react slower after exposure to an oil spill

Researchers at the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas, are studying the effects ... ability of young fish to survive. ” In fish physiologist Andrew Esbaugh’s lab just down the hall, ... read more

Wind farm 'predator' effect hits ecosystems: study

Simulating "predator attacks", humans ... the effects of climate change. But with evidence that the impact of wind farms reaches further into Earth's ecosystems than previously thought, she called for ... read more

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