Germany's QAnon-Inspired Plot Shows How Coup Conspiracies Are Going Global

On its face, it all sounds like a delusional fever dream melding old and imported conspiracies and the violent fantasies of online extremist groups. But the Dec. 7 arrest of 25 people allegedly ... read more

Inside the QAnon-inspired far-right coup plot to overthrow the German government

Dozens of people were detained by German police this week over allegations a QAnon-inspired fringe group planned to overthrow the government and install a new national leader in a violent coup. read more

Inspired by Living Systems – Next Generation Material Adapts to Its History

Responsive material changes its behavior based on earlier conditions. Inspired by living systems, a new material has been developed that changes its electrical behavior based on previous experience, ... read more

Inspired by his children to obtain master’s degree at age 77

TRAVELLING across the border daily and struggling to get used to online classes were just some of the challenges 77-year-old Ram Sing Gengarajoo went through while pursuing a master’s degree programme ... read more

Anand Mahindra Has a Business Lesson and it is Inspired by This Resurrection Plant

Anand Mahindra, who quite often tweets interesting facts and posts, now used a video of a resurrection plant to motivate businesspersons. read more

Brendan Fraser says that his kids inspired his transformative performance in 'The Whale'

Hunter, the movie casts Fraser as a 600-pound English teacher named Charlie, whose world has shrunk to the size of the dingy apartment where he's literally eating himself to death. It's one of the ... read more

The Princess Diana photo that inspired SZA's 'SOS' album cover and more new music releases

New music out this weekend includes singles from Paramore, Weezer and Lana Del Rey plus the second studio album from singer SZA. read more

Is Amazon 'Inspire' feed inspired by TikTok and Instagram Reels?

Amazon Inspire Feed: "Inspire is a new in-app shopping feed that’s personalised with shoppable photos and videos tailored to your selected interests and engagement. In just a few taps, discover new ... read more

How The Last Airbender Inspired Lisette Olivera

The National Treasure actor Lisette Olivera talks about her love of Avatar. National Treasure: Edge of History streams December 15th on Disney+. read more

'Mechamato Movie' was inspired by kids playing with boxes, says writer-director

The film puts forth many innovative ideas and positive messages including the most important one, that imagination leads to endless possibilities. read more

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