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ArenaNet ‘folded like a cheap card table,’ says fired Guild Wars 2 writer

Jessica Price, who was fired by ArenaNet last week for arguing with fans of the company’s Guild Wars 2 ... and game design professors saying they’re going to warn their students away. I’ve also had a ... read more

J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer for Cloverfield in Front of Transformers!!

What is it, you ask? After doing some research over at Ain't It Cool News, I discovered this description. Well, word from inside the company is that CLOVERFIELD is a giant monster movie, featuring som... read more

Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the Fault of Many, But Damages Creativity and Risk Taking

As a key point before this article gets underway, I'll be writing in first-person, breaking the usual Nintendo Life style ... I often wonder when Atlus doesn't have games on discount, while games like ... read more

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Open thread for night owls: Have $$? Go GOP

We can all ask ourselves this. Here's what I have in mind: 1). He'd throw all support behind Progressives (the base). 2). He'd marginalize the Dems that helped produce this catastrophe (Blue Dogs). 3) ... read more

Health care reform is making my head hurt

I read as many of these as I can but, you know, there is other news of import (the economy, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ... In this case, the dance resembles the mosh pit at a head-banging hardcore r... read more

Journalism tainted by conviction isn't journalism

Journalism tainted by conviction just isn't. That's the simple truth of it. Jonathan Green is presenter of Sunday Extra on Radio National and the former editor of The Drum. Read his full profile here. read more

Hardware Review: Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Most Important Console Yet

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube The dock itself feels like a lump of ... Nintendo has streamlined things to make booting the system and firing up your game an almost effortless affair. The main ... read more

Manipulation and the politics of fear

and in politics this is fair game for manipulation, writes Jonathan Green. "Every so often Rumsfeld comes out and goes 'I don't know where, and I don't know when, but something awful's going to happen ... read more

The Supreme Court ain't FEMA

Bush has nominated someone to the highest court of the land with absolutely no judicial experience. Her academic qualifications are unimpressive. David "Axis of Evil" Frum wrote this about Miers. She ... read more

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