Influencers take stock of life and dreams if US bans TikTok

When Cassidy Jacobson was 13 years old, she posted a video of herself dancing on the popular app TikTok.Little did she know then that six years later her Casssidy_J account would have 1.5 million ... read more

Top Technology Influencers to Follow in Singapore Before You Buy Your Next Gadget

Melisa is one of the most prominent Tech influencers in Singapore. She has 2,10,000 followers on Instagram. Melisa is a gorgeous beauty with good tech knowledge. She provides honest reviews on the ... read more

The rise of virtual influencers: How computer-generated characters are changing the marketing game

Brand mascots have been around for ages - take the iconic Michelin man who's been around for 125 years. They are still popular because they provide a way to humanise a brand to better connect with ... read more

TikTok influencers take stock as US ban looms

Scotland to get new leader after battle for soul of independence camp ... read more

TikTok influencer says ban could impact '20 to 30%' of her income

We heard a lot from TikTok’s CEO and lawmakers today, but what do influencers think about a potential ban? Makeup content creator Marjan Tabibzada joined Yahoo Finance to share how she thinks a TikTok ... read more

Fitness Freaks! Follow These 5 World-Class Fitness Influencers for Amazing Workout Tips

Owner of the great physique, fitness model & personal coach Nicholas Joel Leon is one of the most popular fitness influencers from Singapore. The winner of Fitness 360 (2018) in the male category, is ... read more

Influencers Look For Alternatives As Pressure Mounts On Biden To Ban TikTok

"Congress could pass a robust privacy law and bolster requirements ... to grant the Commerce Department power to ban foreign technology will pass, many TikTok influencers are advocating for ... read more

Chinese influencer Grace Chow apologises for being rude to fan

Chinese Internet celebrity Grace Chow has apologised for being rude to a fan who had asked for a photo with her, reported China Press. read more

Currying trouble: US influencer tries McDonald's curry sauce for first time, slams it as 'too fake'

A meal at McDonald's doesn't feel complete without curry sauce drizzled over whatever you're eating.American influencer Karissa Dumbacher recently enjoyed a McDonald's meal in Singapore, but one ... read more

Biden might ban TikTok after Trump failed. Why influencers aren't freaking out

“I’m just kind of shut off from it,” said Butler, 27, from Los Angeles. “I’m like: ‘No, there’s no way it could happen again.’” And yet it does seem to be happening again. In 2020, then-President ... read more

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