Factors that could have a significant impact on the efficiency of influencer marketing industry in 2023

Following the trend of changing consumer demands, it has led upon the brands to come up with novel marketing methods. Traditional marketing methods are rendered useless considering the shift in ... read more

These 12 Influencers Just Found the Most Expensive-Looking High Street Coats

These 12 influencers just found the most expensive-looking coats on the high street, from COS to Arket. Click to shop these chic, affordable coats. read more

How Influencer Marketing Can Change Your Digital Marketing Trajectory

Collaborating with influencers enables businesses to reach new and larger audiences that would otherwise remain untapped. read more

Influencer dropped by fashion label for calling fellow TikTok star Mikaela Testa 'fat'

Kerri Gribble, who boasts 116,000 followers on TikTok and is also a creator on Onlyfans, has come under fire - and been dropped by a fashion label - after calling rival social media star Mikaela Testa ... read more

Does influencer marketing offer a sustainable career path? Check here

Influencers shape the mind of the customer by connecting with them through various modes and formats such as blogging, vlogging, live-streaming, reels and more which are all accessible globally. Thus, ... read more

The REAL reason influencers post Instagram photos of their manicures and food while sitting in the driver's seat of their car

Online influencers love nothing more than to show off their newly manicured nails while sitting in their expensive designer cars. read more

S'pore influencers Noah Yap & Chiou Huey capture 'ghost' in viral TikTok filter

Influencers Noah Yap and Chiou Huey recently tried out this TikTok filter on Dec. 7, but were appalled to see an additional anime character standing behind them. The ... read more

Live Commerce is Coming: YouTube Leans into Influencers, but is there a Better Way?

YouTube Leans into Influencers, but is there a Better Way? Massively popular in China and neighboring Asia-Pacific nations, live streaming is successfully being pivoted into the eCommerce experience, ... read more

Opinion | Fitness and beauty influencers could be a force for body positivity

a personal trainer or an influencer. Under ideal circumstances, everyone could have their own personal trainer – but that simply isn't workable for many gym-goers. The cost of a gym membership is ... read more

The Culpo Sisters Are the First Influencers to Make Good TV

TLCI have a list of famous people I inexplicably keep tabs on. There’s Kaia Gerber, a very boring model/nepo baby who has somehow dated two cinematic Elvises. There’s her father Rande Gerber, who, in ... read more

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