What to do when brands fail their influencers

It`s been two weeks since fashion brand Balenciaga first launched its holiday horror `Gift Collection` advertising campaign, featuring disturbing images of young children holding handbags in the shape ... read more

A Gen Z-led company tapped TikTok influencers to turn out young voters in midterm elections, creating a “blueprint” for 2024

"I think the people that cracked the youth voter turnout code are the youth," said Social Currant Founder and CEO Ashwath Narayanan, who is 22. read more

Influencers I’m Following Right Now

I love following her because she creates delicious, healthy recipes. Since I’ve been at school, I’ve been looking for ways to cook healthy dinners. I definitely use Rachel’s Instagram as inspiration ... read more

7 top brands that work with micro influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and more

Micro influencers are now earning as much as creators with millions of followers. Here are 7 brands to pitch if you have up to 100,000 followers. read more

5 tips for living longer from TikTok longevity influencers

5 tips for living longer from TikTok longevity influencers - Health, nutrition and lifestyle advice from the social media site. By Katie Wright. read more

Not just content creators anymore: How India’s influencers are expanding their horizons

Influencers are venturing into films, launching their own fashion brands and conducting shows & workshops. The creator economy set to grow despite looming recession, experts say ... read more

Influencers brace for impending recession

Economists around the world are warning that a recession is looming. But as we move toward greater economic uncertainty, influencer marketing will remain a key differentiator for brands, according to ... read more

Cringeworthy moment influencers take selfies in front of a restaurant at party attended Jodi Gordon

A gaggle of influencers and models stopped traffic in Bondi Beach on Thursday. Sydney socialites took over Sean's Panorama restaurant to celebrate the launch of Byron Baes star Saskia Wotton's new ... read more

The most beautiful Spanish influencers gathered at Ghd's "secret" party

Many well-known faces did not want to miss one of the most anticipated parties of the year organized by the company 'Ghd'. María Pombo, Malena Costa, Anita Matamoros, Isa Hernáez, Laura Escanes, Lola ... read more

Elon Musk is alienating one of Twitter's most valuable assets: Black influencers

Twitter CEO Elon Musk's moves since taking control of the platform are alienating some popular Black influencers, several of whom are actively eyeing the exits. read more

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